We hold His Sacred Heart in our hands. An enlargement of this painting may be found at the end of the Consecration section.The Sacred Heart Online Prayer Retreat.


Prayer Poems for
The Struggling

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The Struggling Heart

O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I struggle to find Your Way, to enter onto Your path, never to stray again. But the path is hard to see sometimes and I am so human. Yet I long to be all You desire me to be. I long to enter into Your Sacred Heart, to be transformed, to be filled forever. Hold the Light on the path for me, Lord, and guide me to You. Make your footsteps deep on my path, O Lord, that my feet may find them in the darkness. Draw me to You with Your Heart of Love.

Readings: Matthew 5:3-12 Beatitudes. Matthew 6:9-14 Lord's Prayer. Matthew 6:25-34 Dependence on God. Matthew 7:7-11 Answer to prayers, 8:1-4. Cleansing of the Leper, 10:26-33. Psalms 86, 91,121, 123, 130,138, 141, 142, 143

Response: Pick a poem from the Struggling Heart section. Read slowly, add your personal prayers for your personal struggles whenever inspired to as you read.

Reflection: You are invited to meditate on the images or words that seem most meaningful to you from the poems. Allow the Spirit to lead your prayer. Finish by reading Psalm 23 if desired.



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