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Floodgate of Love

O Holy Communion of Life and Love,
My Precious Lord,
I see as through Your eyes
That Upper Room
So warm, so full of Your Precious Love
And their hope in You.
Your Heart wells up with Love,
Your eyes with tears,
As you slowly gaze at them, so innocent...
How Your Heart desires to hold this moment.
How Your Heart desires to hold their faith
And touch their hearts with Your Love.
Your Heart tears as You tear the bread
Knowing all too soon they will betray You, deny You.
How You long for their innocent love,
Their trusting faith, to hold in Your Heart
Protecting it from the darkness to come!
As You hold the bread in Your hands, hesitating,
Everything You are pours into this Bread.
As You break the Bread,
Your Sacred Heart breaks also.
The Passion begins.
Sharing Your Broken Body with those You love
Your Sacred Heart burns, longing for this moment:
“I have longed with all my Heart to share this supper with you.”
You look deep into the chalice of red wine.
A tear drops and mingles with the wine of forgiveness,
A token of Your humanity and ours.
As You speak Your words of Love
The wine becomes Your Precious Blood.
As You gaze into the depths of the chalice
You see what is to come, drinking in with Your Spirit
Your Covenant of Love.
Passing the Chalice of Your Blood to Your people,
They drink of it, sealing their Covenant with You
In Your Eternal Love.
O Holy Communion of Love,
You stand before us like a floodgate,
Aching to pour forth Your contents,
You long for and wait for our glance of recognition!
A faithful, loving glance and Your Host Body
Crumbles as the floodgate opens
And we are flooded with Your Graces and Love
And made new.
O Sacred Floodgate of Love
Break through our hearts and flood our souls!


Gethsemane of the Heart

There is a chill to this place
Where I crouch, waiting, shivering.
There is a darkness,
Here among the olive trees,
Isolating in its concealment,
Chilling to the soul.
I wait, my Lord, on You.
I know You are here, alone, waiting.
“Pray with Me, wait with Me,” You plead.
I feel through the darkness
Warmth from the Heart I can’t see.
Moving toward this warmth,
My heart comes alive as I draw nearer.
I cannot see You now
But You lead me to You,
Drawing me in Silence into Your Sacred Heart.
I kneel before You, my Sorrowful King.
Tears come as I watch You weep,
Calling out the name of each of Your lost sheep.
I long to comfort You.
I wish my love could be enough!
To dry Your tears, my Lord.
To comfort Your Heart, O Divine Love!
The arms of my imperfect love
Surround Your sorrowful frame.
My hand reaches to wipe
Drops of Blood from Your brow.
Take comfort, my Lord!
Take comfort, I plead!
For a moment in Your Eternity
You look away from Your Sorrow
And Your eyes meet mine.
Your eyes searching deeply
Erase all thoughts of anything else
From my soul.
Your Heart reaches for mine and
For a moment there is only Peace;
For a moment there is only Love;
And in that Silence of Peace
I know what I must do
After resting in Your Love
I must return to
Finding Your sheep.

Beggar King

As I walk, You walk with me.
As my steps grow closer to Yours
You form my feelings,
You cast my thoughts.
Drawing me closer,
You open my soul.
My heart, made pliable by You,
And vulnerable to Your ways,
Moves to Your desire.
I pause on a grassy knoll.
I sense Your Presence deepening now
As You lead me to Your feet.
That grassy knoll,
So close to Calvary,
Holds Your Cross.
My heart is drawn to Your Heart
By Your desire.
You reveal to me Your Sacred Heart
So exposed in all its tenderness,
So open to the human world.
Your Heart, my Jesus, still beating,
Still cries out for love, our love.
You, my Lord, show me
How to be vulnerable;
You teach me about masks;
You expose me to all Your Ways.
You show me Your Precious Heart,
Wide-open to all our ways.
No masks, no shield,
Only a heart beating with longing,
Longing for us to long for You.
“I thirst,” You cry out again.
“Thirst for me!”
The unearthly softness
Of Your Sacred Heart
Disarms me
As You hang on that Cross,
So gentle, so blameless,
So pure, so perfect,
So much desiring
So much more than we give.
Your Heart overflows with Mercy.
Your Heart cries out in Silence.
Your Heart, a sea of Tenderness,
Begs for the love You desire.
But we turn away from our Beggar King.
Worse yet, we walk by
Not even noticing that the King of Love
Begs from a Cross.
You would give all for the Love
Of those who would give nothing.
In my own desire for Your Sacred Heart,
I imagine how I would feel
If You turned away from me and my longing,
Or didn’t notice.
Yet every day You die again
On that lonely Cross
For a look of love, and
A heart open to Yours
That You may love.

Your Blessing Hands
My eyes are drawn to Your hands
Nailed to that Cross
And there, through Your loving hands,
You soften my heart.
My Lord, so full of love You are
That every part of You
Emanates this Precious Love.
Though nailed, hands and feet,
Stripped, scourged, pierced,
Breathless and lifeless,
Your hands still rest
In a gesture of blessing.
Your precious hands that healed us,
That broke Your Bread and blessed Your Cup,
Now are nailed, frozen in pain,
Yet blessing us still.
What kind of love is this
That blesses even in torture, even in death?
Your Sacred Heart, unprotected,
Allows for all we can give
In our darkness and ignorance.
Yet Your hands, those blessed hands
That guide us still,
That Sacred Heart, still open
To our neglect and abuse,
Yet ceaseless in pouring out
Your Love and blessings,
Calls us still and
Draws our hearts to Yours.
Softened by Your pain,
Resistance weakened by Your Love,
I kneel before the majesty of Your Sacred Heart.

My heart, reaching for Yours, begs Your Mercy
Yet is sheltered in the shadow of Your Blessing Hands.

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