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The Passion

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The Passion of The Sacred Heart and the
Way of the Cross

Your most Holy gift of Yourself You gave to us, dear Lord, without any reservation. To us the Father gave His only Son, because of His great Love. You, dear Jesus, being fully human, were subject to the same fears, pain, suffering and abandonment as we are. Your human self desired our human hearts so greatly in Your Sorrow. (Can you not stay and pray with me for even an hour?) Yet your Divine Love lifted above this human loneliness and sorrow and You gave Yourself fully for our Redemption. Lord, help us in our struggles and sorrows to walk that path to the Cross with You. Teach us to love like You and be willing to give all to You as You gave all for us. Lead us so that we may enter into Your Sacred Heart, so full of Love for Your people, so full of the Treasures of Your Love, yet also crowned with thorns, bearing the Cross and the Wounds of our transgressions and our Redemption.

Readings: Matthew 26:20 through 27:66; Mark 14:17-15:47; Luke 22:14-23:56; John chapters 13-19. Pick a section of any of these Gospels that relates to the segment of the Passion you wish to meditate on today (see prayer poems sequence). Psalms 142, 143

Response: Go to Passion poems. Enter into it as though you are there experiencing it in the first person. Let His Heart touch your heart in your own special way and draw you to Him.

Reflection: Your love for me, my Lord, is overwhelming to my heart. Let me drink in this love and return it to You, Most Sacred Heart. May my love, though imperfect, touch Your Heart as I love and worship You; May my love, though imperfect, touch You through my love and compassion for Your people, to the Least of These. May You know that Your Sacrifice was not in vain--that Your Love was seen and felt by me and by those touched by me. May I be Your hands and Your Heart in Your world.


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