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A personal note.....

This new Section of the Prayer Retreat contains the first of a new Seasonal Series of Prayer Poems, created by the author of the Retreat. This one is especially devoted to the Lenten Season, and contains 29 new, original prayer-poems, all created to help you feel, even more deeply and more personally, the enormity of His personal love for YOU, a love expressed by His sacrifice of His life in a horrendous, agonizing Passion beyond true human comprehension.

The prayer-poems help convey the magnitude and intensity of this sacrifice in a new way, but much more importantly, they convey His Yearning for YOUR love, NOT as an abstract, distant personage of 2,000 years ago, as we sometimes think of Him, but as a Real Presence, alive and with us, today and every day, crying out to us in His Sacred Heart and in His Tabernacle, ready to return the Love we offer, in return for what He's done for us.

Put your love for Him on a personal basis, offering Him at LEAST the degree and intrensity of the love you have for your children or parents or brothers and sisters or grandparents, ( if you are unable to quantify or try to express it in any deeper way, though He deserves MUCH more, obviously. This will at least be a start, and it will grow.)

The poems, are, as hinted above, quite intense. So, like ice cream sundaes, we suggest only reading (and praying) one at a time. This will take you through a large part of Lent, and then you can re-read favorites.

As you come to a deeper appreciation of Him and His love for you, it will, hopefully, encourage you, in the spirit of Lent, to make small sacrifices in reparation for our failure to love Him as much as we could and should have in the past, and for past neglect of His Presence in the Eucharist, when we might have visited to adore Him and keep Him company.

St. Bonaventure once said, "There is no devotion without sacrifice." This is a perfect time and way to start, to achieve conversion to His Heart of Love.

Servant of His Heart

"Dust" (Lenten)

Desert of My Soul

In the desert of the spirit
I come to the mirage of Your Grace
Again and again,
Ready to dip my dry, parched, hurting soul
In the waters of Redemption.
Yet no relief for my thirst do I find
Though I search through the stones,
Though I watch and pray,
Aching for Your Grace.
You at once elude me,
Yet still I feel Your Presence
Beyond the numbness and pain. 

Wait and pray.
The sweat turns to blood.
The heart feels uprooted,
An emptiness in its place.
If I wait with You in the garden,
If I call out to you from that Cross,
If I bury my heart in Yours
With Your wounds and Your thorns,
Will You wash me in the pools of Your Grace
And bring me back to Life?
Will You hold this heart that longs for You
Close once again
Turning this desert into Your Paradise?
Will You trust me to love You as You desire
With all that You have given me? 

I will search from mirage to mirage
Until I find the oasis of Your Love
And the spring of Your Heart,
Knowing You are there still
Somewhere in the desert of my soul.

At the Crossroads

The dust is dry on my feet,
The sweat hot on my brow.
Sitting by the path,
I seek a clearer Way.
Having given navigation over to You,
I wait at the crossroads
Seeking Your Plan.
Your Presence runs deep here
And every thought I turn to You,
You pour Your Presence anew into my heart.

Only my heart can I offer You
In this dusty place;
Only my soul, my will, my devotion.
I wait patiently
Adoring You in the dust and confusion.
My heart opens to absorb Your Love,
Catching Your gentle smile.
We sit lost in conversation
Of the Heart
And as the dust clears I see
That You are still here with me,
Still speaking, still listening,
Still loving, still guiding.

The crossroads remain
But are lost to us
For we walk a different path,
A path of the Heart.
You are here in the dust with me
And it is enough.
For our path is not out there,
But here, in the Heart.
And in the Heart, You open You path to me
Leading me to You.

The Dust of the Journey

Down in the dirt again,
Breathing the dust of the journey,
And that of my mortality,
How easy it is to fall;
How familiar the view
From the ground.
Lying in the dust,
The world spinning out of control,
I wonder if I will ever
Outgrow this place
Where I gaze into the face
Of the dust from which I came.

My heart wants to soar with You
Like on eagle's wings,
But my wings break so easily
And I am down in the dust again.
Does Your Heart of Compassion
Pour out at my failures?
You who have the vision of eagles
And can see my smallness
From such heights,
Will You rescue me?
Will You carry me
On Your wings?

I long to be all You desire,
But only You know the Way.
And it seems only splinted to Your Cross
Am I raised from the ground
And stand in You.
I trust that Your hand
Will gently find my hand and heart.
Meet me where I am, O Lord,
And lift me by Your love
To where You are;
Where Your Sacred Heart of agony
Weeps with me,
And Your Sacred Heart of love
Loves for me.

I search in the desert dust
For the pure fountain of Your loving Heart
To spring forth,
Washing away the dust of the journey.
Touch the deep thirst of my soul
That can only be filled in You, O Lord.
Come breathe into this dust new life.
Stir my soul to grasp onto You,
Trusting in Your every move.
If I trust in Your mercy,
Will You lift me on eagle's wings
Out of the dust of my soul?
Will You teach me to love like You
Those who stand and walk,
But especially those
Who are face down
In the dust?

Passion and Cross Of Our Lord

Too Great a Love

As the breeze moves through
Those olive trees again,
Waiting and praying,
My eyes fix on You,
O Lord of Life, Sweet Savior.
Your eyes are closed in prayer,
A sweet communion with the Father
As You give Your Life over to His sweet Embrace,
Knowing the price of this Love.
Feeling Your anxiety and isolation,
I move to place a hand over Yours
In comfort, in love,
In regret for all that I have done
To place You here,
In regret for all that I have not done
To ease Your pain.

As my hand touches Yours
It leaves an imprint of Blood, like sweat,
On Your skin wherever I touch You.
Your Blood, O Sacred Substance of Love,
So easily shed for me,
Marks the encounter of our love.
Longing for Your Mercy,
Thirsting for Your Love,
Desiring to decrease Your pain,
I bow to Your Will
In obedience and love.
Come to me, Sweet Jesus,
While I watch and pray for Your
Take over of my heart.
Leave nothing remaining.
Take it all, Sweet Sacred Heart,
Into Yours.

Your eyes behold mine
And into Your Sweet Soul
I see the anguish of a billion minds
Too brilliant to see You.
Their thoughts pierce Your Brow
As a Crown of Thorns.
Pain and humiliation draw Your Blood
That tenderly traverses the
Face of Kindness, Eyes of Love.
Let my love bind Your Wounds,
O Sacred Temple of Love,
And shield You from
The thoughts that pierce
Your Infinite Mind.

Let the breeze through those olive trees
Sweep Your thoughts free
Of their arrogance,
Of Your lost love.
May the flame that You enkindled
In this heart made for You
Bring You comfort if it may
As I adore You,
Most Sweet, Sacred Heart of Love.

I desire your heart, You say.
And I desire Yours, I reply.
And in that union of the Spirit
Is born the exchange of Salvation.
The gift of self into the other,
The hearts broken, burst
From the sweet pain
Of too great a Love.

My Jesus,
You are my Salvation.

Olive Garden of the Heart

In the cold chill
Of the dark church,
Your tears flow,
Your Heart is weeping
As I come to sit at Your feet.
In the darkness
I feel the cold wind
Rustle the olive trees.
I hear the mournful sounds
Of the night,
A backdrop to Your pain,
A harmony to Your loneliness.
There, while the world Sleeps,
You wait, alone.

Your Divine Love pierces Your Sacred Heart
Like the nails pierced Your hands.
Our blindness to Your desire for our hearts
Tears at Yours.
The emptiness of a universe
Echoes cold and vast
Without the love You desire
In return for Your Love and Sacrifice.

At Your feet,
I take the hand of my God,
Ultimate Majesty
With a trembling hand and heart,
Aching to be freed of the prison bars
Holding You out of our hearts.
In the deserted garden
My small human heart
Offers all that I am
To ease the pain
Of the Heart of my Savior.
How can I comfort
The Heart of such Majesty,
With so little that I am?

My heart pierces with Your pain,
Trembles with Your abandonment.
You cry out for love,
But all I have is all I am.
Take me to Your Cross with You,
So You will not be alone
In Your agony, I plead.
The wind rustles the olive trees,
Emphasizing the Silence.
Your hand in mine
Grows warm and tender
And the beat of Your Sacred Heart
Wells up in mine.
There, in the cold of abandonment,
Two hearts join
And beat as one.
I am Yours completely,
My Savior.

Born in Suffering

Your Sacred Heart pounds in pain near death
And tears from within,
A foretaste of agonies soon to come.
Wrenching in ripping pain,
You search, Beloved, for one
To comfort, to stay awake, to listen.
You search for a soft heart,
A gentle hand of kindness and love
On Your tortured brow.
But there are none,
Only an abyss of emptiness and pain
Surrounds You.

The Father speaks,
The Spirit moves,
And You surrender and are united in Will.
Handing Yourself over,
Your Sacred Heart races
And trembles within
As the Father withdraws,
Giving You over to the Will of His Love
For His weakened children.

Your tearful eyes glaze
As You turn within.
The Spirit of Love churns
In Your Sacred Heart, igniting a Fire.
There You meet the abyss of pain,
Surrendering to it,
Embracing it,
For the love of the Father.

For the Love He sent You for,
You embrace the pain and the lurking Cross,
Knowing full well the depth of isolation,
Humiliation and agony soon to come.
Embraced, in Love, You are one with it
And Love pours forth in fountains
From Your Heart.

Your Love is so majestic, so powerful,
It seeps as Blood from Your pores
As Love and Suffering unite in You
And Your Sacrificial Death
Of the Covenant of Love

Soon they will come
And Your loved one, the Betrayer,
Will hand You over to the ravaging crowds
With his one last insult to the King of Love;
Disguised as a kiss, he strikes his blow
To Your Sacred Heart
In the mockery of a symbol
Of Your Love.

Your Precious Blood seeps in the dark silence
In the abandonment already felt
As You long with Your Heart of the Universe
For a touch of love from God or man.
But You are alone, sweet Precious Heart
And willingly embrace the isolation;
For Your hope does not lie in the
Fickleness of love of the human heart,
But in its emptiness.
It is in the empty cavern of the human heart,
This abyss of pain,
That You live to fill the one who turns to You,
In isolation, in emptiness, and cries, "Come, fill!"

I reach to touch Your most Precious Heart
With my love, my Beloved.
I reach in my longing
To fill Your longing;
As You mine, I Yours.
And in that intersection of our hearts
A heaven is born
From the labor of suffering
In our hearts.

Creator Bound

With no one who cares,
But wishing alone
To the many who hate,
My Lord awaits the dawn
Of His final Day of Sorrows.

O Lord, be not alone
Away from my love.
Teach me to love You
As You desire to be loved.

Blows have closed ear and eye
In numbness and pain.

Lord, let me stand between You
And the cruel blows,
That You may not know anything
But love and gentleness
Against Your Perfection.

Bound in humiliation,
A plaything of the tortured
Of mind and heart,
You close Your eyes to the world,
Hoping for a lull before the storm.
But those possessed
Of darkness and evil designs
Know no rest
And so allow no solitude
In their midst.

Close Your eyes to their hate, dear Lord.
Let me comfort You with love
In the Silence of Your Heart.

Evil gloats at Your humiliation
Thinking to display its power over You.
But You, who know all power,
And You, who possess all Glory,
Silently absorb their abuse
And humiliation
As You think of Your Precious Ones,
The ones who have abandoned You.

O Sacred Heart, so alone,
Let me love You every second
Of every day to eternity,
As You desire.

A man more gentle and kind
Could not be.
A man more possessed
Of immense and passionate love
Could not be.
Every thought, every movement,
Every word, every look,
Was full of compassion,
Was longing for love,
Was full of mercy.

Merciful Savior,
Look not on our sins and our weaknesses,
But on our love and our
Hearts made for You.

This man, most Holy One,
So Majestic in humility,
So silent as they found sport
In acts of irreverence and degradation,
Of senseless pain and agony,
This man cursed not the torturers.

O Lord, help me to love like You.
Keep me in Your Holy Silence.
Show me Your Ways.

Yet His Heart, broken, poured out.
And He searched with His
Gentle eyes of love their souls
For a glint of the Flame
He had put in them.
Finding little Light in their darkness,
He closed His eyes
Surrendering His body
To the Will of the Father
And the whim of the crowd.

Lord, You light my darkness.
Cast Your Light
In my dark and empty soul
That I may awaken to Your Love.

Love poured out
In Sacred Rays from this Heart,
Hoping to melt the ice in their souls.
But the heart of man had grown cold
And the Creator of Love
Who could command the skies to fall
Or the seas to dry up,
Bound and imprisoned,
Yielded to all that was asked, humbly,
In obedience to His desire to set us free.

O Sacred Heart of Love,
Hold me in Your Will
In Perfect Obedience to You.

Free us from the evil,
Free us from the cold and weakness
That binds us.
Free to be bound tightly
To Your Sacred Heart of Love
In which all freedom is found.

We Are Near

Slapped by the Betrayer's kiss,
Abandoned by Your friends,
Your hands that blessed and healed
Were bound tightly behind Your back.
Thus they pushed and paraded You,
Shamefully, through the streets,
As a criminal, for their pleasure.

Your precious Sacred Heart, most pure,
Was thus exposed to insult and harm,
No protection afforded by bound hands.
How that Heart beat as they abused You,
Pushed and beat You,
A plaything for the arrogant,
Tortured by the prideful.
Your most Precious Heart, my Lord,
So unprotected, so shamed,
So precious, so pure,
So merciful Your Love poured forth still.

You, O Lord, whose very thoughts
Could have dissolved Your chains,
Surrendered to the hands of cold hearts,
Ached to free them from their chains
And embrace them in Your arms of Love.
You, O Precious One, who could have brought
Light to their darkness,
Freedom to their captivity,
And the Fire of Love to their icy hearts,
You surrendered to their worldly power
And broke open Your Heart of Love.

Beaten, betrayed,
Insulted, alone,
Your Sacred Heart open to abuse,
You laid tortured and cold
In a shameful cell
Awaiting the indignity of Your trial.
Who could protect Your Precious Heart?
Who could cushion Your Sacred Head
From the cold stone? Yet colder hearts.
Who could sweetly tend Your Wounds,
O King of our hearts,
Most Precious Lamb,
Unblemished, but by our shameful hands.

Let our hearts surround Yours, dear Lord,
To offer You protection
And afford You consolation
As Your Sacred Heart, still abused
By cold and prideful hearts,
Is adored by our loving hearts,
Surrendered to You,
Bound by love,
Exposed as Yours, for Yours,
To the torturers hand.
Rest, dear Lord, cushioned in our love,
And know that we are near.

My Rock

Peter! Peter! Peter!
It is I, Jesus!
I catch your glance
But you turn away.
You, my chosen!
You who echoed the Father's Voice;
You whose faithful heart
Comforted mine so often.
You turn from Me
And I am left comfortless!

Here I stand alone,
In mockery, in abandonment.
All that is in My Heart
I have shared with you, my friend.
You keep the keys to my kingdom
In your heart,
But you bow to fear
And turn away.

I watch as you stumble away
Ducking into the shadows.
O Father, is this Your plan?
Could he be the one, the rock,
That We will build on?

My Heart aches, my eyes tear,
As I stand helpless, loveless,
Watching you leave,
My dearest friend,
As the great trial begins
That will lead to My Cross.

I hear your tears
From the distance.
They echo from the walls
Of the Via Dolorosa
Torturing my heart
With your pain and confusion.

As the guards lead me off,
I glance over my shoulder for you,
Hoping you will follow
Not too far behind.
My Peter, My rock.

Crown of Thorns

Crown of thorns
Piercing through to the skull,
Every movement piercing deeper still,
Shooting pain to all parts of You,
Reminder of the Sacred Head
That should be adorned with
Our greatest gifts, our most adoring love,
Is instead pierced with the agony
Of humiliation and ridicule.

Your eyes close, too painful to open,
As Your Precious Blood flows,
Blinding You, stinging Your eyes.
Close Your eyes, dear Lord,
To our ignorance,
To our arrogance,
To our blindness.

Let us gently bathe Your face
With the waters of our repentance.
Let us tenderly remove each thorn
By our acts of deep sacrificial love.
Let us soothe each wound
With the kiss of our hearts
Given completely over to You.
Let us tenderly love You back
Until the day when Your Heart moves
With the joy of love returned
And Your eyes open again
To our hearts on fire for Your Love.

The Narrow Door

When You stood before the judges
And they accused You, belittled You,
When they tried to show
How small Your mind was
Compared with theirs,
Did You hurt from their attacks?
Did You long to show them
The Mind of the Eternal God
Which You possessed?
Did the Truth in You beg to be known?
Did You long to expose their hypocrisy,
Their madness, their cynicism?
Did You beg Your Father
For the humiliation of Your mind to cease?
Did it pain you deeply
When in Your humiliation
You could return with only Silence?

When You carried Your Cross
Through streets jammed with Your enemies,
But worse, Your friends,
And Your face was so swollen from blows
That You were hardly recognizable,
With the Crown of humiliation on Your head,
The stripes of humiliation on Your back,
With the weight of their sins on Your shoulder,
When You looked at Your reflection
Mirrored in their eyes,
Did You want to lay that Cross down
And walk away?
Did You cringe from their pity?
Did You wonder if it was worth it
As Your Body, stripped, beaten,
Nailed to a Cross,
Dripping Your Precious Blood,
Felt so foreign
To the Perfection which is You?
As their spit stung
Your open wounds,
Did You call out to Your Father,
Feeling forsaken in Your humiliation?
Did You long to be seen as You are,
And not like this?

When Your Sacred Heart,
So full of Love for us,
Carried you to the humiliation
Of judgment of mind,
Carried You to the humiliation
Of a Body ravaged and helpless,
And then, in Your last hours,
As Your Heart poured forth Your Love
In Body and Soul,
Did the look of confusion in Your followers' eyes
Break Your Heart more in deeper humiliation?
Did You long for them to see Your Sacrifice
As it really was, for them?
Did You long for them to see
Into the riches of Your Heart
And to know the eternal rewards
You were opening for them?
Did Your Sacred Heart ache
With the humiliation of love unreturned
As Your Heart, the center of Your Cross,
Gave all for love in total humiliation?
Did Your Father
Shake His Mighty head in wonder
When, as if this wasn't enough for us,
We pierced Your already broken Sacred Heart,
To make sure You were dead?

Come follow Me, You beckon,
Down the road of humiliation,
The road of Silence,
The road of heartbreak.
Can we, so weak and small,
Find our strength in You,
To be so humiliated for You?
To mend Your broken Heart
As we share in Your pain?
To come to the riches of Your Sacred Heart
Through the narrow door of humility?

Metal Against Bone

Metal against bone,
Flesh splattered against Cross,
We nail You, dear Lord,
Once again.
Not once, but
Millions of times.

We take Your loving, healing hands
And place them where we want them.
You be this to me,
A mute friend,
As we nail You down
Only where we want You
In our lives.
Not here, but there.
Only there.

Taking the other hand,
We nail You once again.
Don't touch this part of my life.
Only where I let You.
Only here.
Leave the rest alone,
Our hearts speak
As we pierce Your hand again
And nail You where we want You.

We wrap Your Precious head
With the thorns of our discontent.
This one You didn't mean.
My Jesus would not say that, we taunt
As we throw away Your Words,
As we mock Your actions
Once again.

My Jesus, you would not ask
For my discomfort.
Your Words and Your actions
Embarrass me.
Those were for a time not our own
Where pain and despair
Were a common experience.
You could not mean them for now,
We tell ourselves
As we mock and turn our eyes
From Your piercing eyes
Of gentleness and deep desire
For our entire hearts and souls.
We are too intelligent for this.
We wrap the thorns around
Again and again.

You be this to us now,
We pound on those feet.
Stay here, clean and neat,
On this gilded Cross,
With no Blood dripping
And clean, neat Wounds.
We put on our Sunday best
And go off to our clean churches
To be entertained
By Your gilded Cross,
Throwing one final spear
To make sure You are dead.

Your Ripping Heart

Like a rack,
The nails,
Your Cross,
Stretching You to where it feels
You will rip in two,
Centered on Your Sacred Heart.
At the center of the torture,
As at the center of our lives,
Your Heart would like to burst
From a Love too great,
From a desire too strong
For our hearts too small and cold
To contain You.

I gaze into Your face
In Your agony
To find Your glazed stare
Centered on me.
Your look of pain,
More torture than the rack,
Rips my heart to the center.
Your eyes contain
Such softness,
Such love,
Such longing,
Such absence of bitterness
That only love pours forth
From those gentle eyes,
Breaking any resistance
To Your Love
I may foolishly still hold.

You take my heart in that glazed stare,
Holding it captive to Your Love,
Binding it willingly to Your Sacrifice,
As two hearts become as one,
In that glazed stare.
All fades but this,
O Sunrise of my soul,
Casting out the darkness,
Bathing with Your Light.

Let me embrace Your ripping Heart,
My Sweet Savior,
And make it my own,
Burst for You,
Poured out
At Your feet.
In my smallness
You enter in,
Dissolving the borders of my heart.
Locked in pain,
Yet bathed in joy,
Our hearts mingle
In the sweet Fire
Of Your Love
That pours forth from Your Wounds
And Your glazed eyes,
Immovable in Love.
You pierce me
With Your eyes on my soul.
But the Blood of that piercing
Is the Blood of the Lamb.

Abandonment in You

From Your Cross,
Eyes full of sorrow,
You gaze down upon me
From where I stand, seeking You,
Seeking the answers only You can give.

My heart breaks looking
Into Your loving eyes.
How can you not trust Me?, they say.
Pulling, ripping at my heart.
You, my Precious Lord, I see,
Face of surrender,
Eyes sunken with sorrow,
Hands and feet nailed down,
Side gushing Your Precious Blood,
And all for me that I may choose
To love You for eternity.

How can you not trust Me? You ask,
Humiliated, abandoned, poured out.
You remain there alone,
Amidst my confusion,
Amidst my questioning,
Surrounded by my fears.

How can you not trust Me? You ask again
With Your silence, Your surrender,
Looking into my tearful eyes,
Gazing into my broken heart and soul,
As I crumble at Your feet.

How can you not trust Me?
Like an earthquake moves me,
Baring my soul,
Shattering my heart.
Like the sinful woman, I kiss Your feet,
Begging for Your Mercy.
At the foot of Your Cross,
That gate to Your Heart,
I offer my heart again.
Take it from me, I beg!
Give me just an empty shell
To be filled by You!

I will not stop Your advance in my heart,
Though it may slay me with Your Love.
When I am nothing or less and You are All,
Will You take me once again,
My Lord of the Cross, into Your abandonment,
Into Your Sacred Heart of Love?
Will You embrace my complete emptiness
Into Your complete Love?
Will You plant my fallen grain
Deep in Your Sacred Heart
That I may grow in You?
Will You trust me Lord that
Though I am frail, I am Yours?
That though I may walk in the darkness,
I seek Your Light?
That though my heart is small,
It comes to You
Ready to grow,
Ready to die,
Ready to trust
In whatever You say and
Wherever You take me;
For this heart, though frail, is Yours.
I give it to You, all of it.

Taking my heart,
You place it in a dark mine field
With only the Fire of Your Heart
To guide my way.
Complete abandonment, You ask.
Complete abandonment is all I can give
To survive in You, my Beloved.

In Perfect Love

Pounded, beaten down,
Flesh torn, thorn pierced,
Body so strained and in pain,
So weak, muscles so spent,
You could hardly move
Even without the nails.
Every breath, every movement
A new experience of pain.
Eyes and ears numbed
From the blows,
Thirsting for any renewal,
You hang, spent, alone,
Humiliated, given completely
And taken ruthlessly.

There, as time drags on
And Your body slumps and drips
Slowly toward the earth,
As You ponder how Your perfect Love
Could get You here, so abandoned,
Your thoughts, Your soul reaches
For the One You love,
Desiring a word of consolation,
Aching for a breath of Love
And the peace of knowing
That this is what He wants.

Yet He is silent;
There is no movement,
No consolation;
You beg; You thirst,
You search the skies,
You search the hearts,
Yet only silence
And burning emptiness
Accompanies You in Your mission
Of abandonment to Love.

Your Heart cries out
And what You wished was silent
Echoes through the crowds
And like the thunder, returns:
"My God, My God,
Why have You forsaken Me?"
Your cry of humiliation and despair
Ricochets back and forth
Again and again in their laughter,
Slicing You each time.
People turn away,
Disappointed at this display of humanity.
They had hoped for something more.
This is no God, only a pathetic man,
They muse as they return to their lives.

Justice escapes You.
This One who poured out
His Love to His people,
Now poured out in body,
Hangs alone, humiliated,
By the very ones He healed,
By the very ones He loved
So dearly
To become a Victim on a Cross.

Is there anything left to Your body but pain?
Only pain do You now feel.
Your Sacred Heart is overwhelmed
With all You feel and with Your desperate desire
To be reunited with Love.

Save the one You wish You could spare,
That pains You more to see, broken,
You slowly give over,
Drop by drop,
Your Precious Life,
Your burning Love,
All given, excruciatingly slowly,
As You surrender to Love
All that You are,
Quietly pouring Your Heart out in union
With all the brokenness of the human heart.

Come and take Me,
Everything I am,
You breathe deeply
To the universe You created.
And then Your breath is spent
And You are silent,
Surrendered in Love.
The Perfect Victim,
Perfect Innocence,
Perfect Sacrifice,
Perfect Silence,
Perfect Union
In Perfect Love.

Longings of Hearts

Most Sacred Heart,
Your Spirit moves in me
Stirring my soul to long for You.
My longing meets Yours
In a collision of hearts
Seeking one another
And in seeking, finding.
And in finding, desiring more!
Desiring a union so complete
There is no chance
Of losing one another ever again
For even an instant.

O Lord,
I hear You calling
From Your Cross.
My heart beats to Yours
As I hear the sounds of Calvary:
The sounds of Your breath,
Laboring for Love,
The sounds of their insults,
The sounds of Your silent moans,
The sounds of Your longing and searching,
The sighs of Your Sacred Heart.
Dear Jesus, I wonder,
If in Your human Heart, yet Divine,
When You called out to Your Father:
"Why have You forsaken Me?"
Did You long for a moment
For a human voice to answer:
"I am here.
I will not leave You.
You are all to me,
All I desire.
I will never leave You."

In Your human Heart,
Could You understand
The longings and desires of ours?
Can You understand and love
The human desires
Of this heart and soul
In which You have divinely stirred
Such longings for You?

Death's Sting

Feeling its roughness on Your back
As Your body sinks down slowly
In Your increasing weakness,
Struggling in Your battle with life,
This Cross tears into Your
Already battered and torn skin,
Leaving its marks:
Pieces of You on it,
Pieces of it on You.
Yet You bear it in silence.
This Cross of our making,
So heavy,
You carried for so long,
Now carries You,
O Lord of Life,
Nailed to it in complete

O Lord,
I have carried my cross
Hoping each day
To be more like You.
For so long I have carried it,
Trying for Your silence,
Yet failing.
I stand before the same cross,
Facing it again.
I hear the sound of metal against metal
As I feel myself being nailed to the cross,
Unable to free myself of it.

As the pain overcomes my focus
And I am stripped to the core,
I find myself hanging,
Unable to move,
But to die on this cross,
Struggling still,
Conquered by the cross.

Lord, my God,
If I die on this cross,
Will You then free me from it?
Or will I die in failure?
Will You, my beloved, pull out the nails
And clasp my death
To the Life of Your Heart?
Will You bury my struggles,
My pain, my death, in You
And carry me to Your Life?
Will You bathe my soul with Your Love
And when it is time,
Will You release me
Into Your Sacred Heart?

Death would lose its sting
If it could bring me to You,
O Sacred Heart, my love.

Near Death

I see you standing there,
Eyes filled with disbelief,
Arrogantly eyeing Me
From the foot of My Cross.
How could the God I wish to believe in
Ask for such pain, such sacrifice?
There must be some mistake.

I hang there, weak and near death,
Having given all I can give
To the hands of my people.
My people have tortured Me,
Ripped My flesh,
Beat Me, nailed me to a Cross,
Forced humiliations on Me
Again and again;
Spit, scourged,
Crowned the King of their hearts,
The One who created them to love,
With piercing thorns,
Their thoughts, which pierce my Sacred Head,
Scraping my skull, of
How ignorant it would be
To believe in a God like that, like Me.

My Sacred Heart breaks,
Consumed with My Love for you,
My people, my child,
Who chooses to turn away,
Away from My Love,
Despite that I have given all
To pay the price.

Why can you not see
My tears for you?
Can you not feel
The beating of My Heart
Tearing apart, bursting with Love,
Utterly destroyed for your love?

I hang here once again
At the door to your heart.
Will you have Me?
Or will you walk away,
Close the door
To Eternal Love in My Heart
And choose eternal darkness,
The price of refusal to love Me.

You know I am here.
You can feel Me.
I can hear your thoughts,
See into your heart.
You know I have pursued you,
Yet you turn away,
Again and again.
Look into My eyes, My Heart.
Can you come to this Love?
Or will you turn away,
Destroying this Sacred Heart,
Burst, bleeding for you?
As then, still now,
My Love gives all, for you.

Nothing More

Kneeling at Your feet,
At the foot of Your Cross,
Even in Your nailed down,
Tortured, dying stance,
You are so high above me,
So perfect in Your Love,
So compassionate in Your Mercy.
I embrace Your Cross,
Desiring to distract Your memory
From all that put You there;
Desiring to ease Your pain,
Your humiliation, Your abandonment,
By a heart that is totally Yours,
By a soul that adores You.

I hold my constant vigil,
Catching the Blood of Your Sacrifice
In my heart opened by You, for You.
Your endless Sorrow reaches my soul,
Stirring my passion for Your Sacred Heart.
If only my love could be enough
To distract Your Heart
From the piercing blows
Of our abuses and neglect.

That I could hold Your Heart in mine,
Forever loved, forever cherished,
Forever adored, forever at rest
In a heart that loves You,
In a heart that longs to shield You
From all coldness to Your Love,
From all ignorance of Your Majesty,
From all apathy to Your Passion.
That I could love You so, my Lord,
Surrounding You with my love,
Dying to all that is not You,
And becoming all that is Your desire,
Would be my heaven
And I would desire
Nothing more.

Come to My Heart

I am here.
Do you not see Me
Hanging on this Cross before You?
My hands nailed to your sins,
My feet to your will.
I am here,
Begging your mercy!
My Heart is yours for the asking.
I am your God,
Full of power and Will,
Yet I submit to your hearts
On this Cross,
Breaking, bleeding for your love.
My head is pierced with a
Crown of Humiliation.
Each thorn pierces the skin,
Driving itself into my skull,
Each movement a reminder
That your minds cannot comprehend
The mind of your God.
But must you hate Me
Because I am greater than you?
You were made for Me to love,
To hold you tenderly in My Heart
And share the treasures of My Love.
All I ever wanted was to love you.
You have turned away,
Afraid of this Love.

It is true that
What I ask is hard.
I ask for you to be all Mine.
All Mine to hold you in my hands,
To surround you with My Heart,
To use you in My plan,
To form you into my precious jewel
To adorn my Crown of Glory.
You will be there, in mutual adoration,
If your heart is Mine.

You see, my precious ones,
I ask for your adoration
Because I adore you!
Your heart is most precious to Me
And I cry out for it day and night.
Give it to me and I will love it, forever!
Submit completely to My Will
And I will show you
What your heart really desires.

My desire is for you.
My Heart aches for you.
The very thought of you
As I hang nailed to this Cross
Stirs My Sacred Heart deeply
And it writhes within Me
With desire for your heart,
My beloved.

Will you not give Me
What I desire
As I hang here bleeding
My precious Blood for you?
My Body a mass of oozing wounds
From the scourging of your souls
Burns with pain and desire.
There is a balm for my pain:
If in your heart you will cherish and adore Me,
If in your thoughts, you will submit to my higher thoughts,
If in your body you will join me,
Easing my pain by willingly sharing it.

Dearly Beloved,
My Sacred Heart
Exposed for you to see
All that I am
Burns with desire for you.
Look to My Heart,
Love My Heart
That so loves you.
Come to My arms of Love,
Nailed to your cross
That you may see
My arms are here for you always.
My Heart churns with desire for you.
Will you not satisfy my desire
For your heart and your soul?
I will keep it close to Me,
Embraced in My Heart


I look into your heart
To find you
And it is like an ice storm:
Frigid, hard, unyielding.

I crush beneath the weight
Of your rejection.
I walk among you
Seeking a welcoming heart,
But you turn away
And I am left
Alone in a crowd of billions.

My Heart is so heavy with sorrow,
The pain is so immense;
The tearing flesh from your nails
Holds me where you want me,
At a safe distance;
The thorns pierce so deeply
My head is nearly numb;
I can barely breathe with pain
As my stomach turns,
Unable to endure much more.

My gaze rests
On my precious ones,
Objects of my loving desire,
As I struggle for one last look,
One last chance to be embraced
Before it is finished.
How could I have loved you more?

Take everything, my beloved.
Take my Flesh and eat,
Take my Blood and drink,
For I am yours.
I give you all
And I serve it
In the Chalice of Love,
My Sacred Heart
On fire for you.

Will you embrace all I give
For your love?
Or will you crush me
With your rejection
And leave Me once more
Cold on the Cross?
I await, my Heart aching, dying,
For you.
How can I love you more?

Heart's Anchor

Holy, holy, holy Lord,
My heart chants
As I fall in adoration
Before Your splendor.
You, O Creator God,
You, O Sustainer Lord,
You, O Beloved of my heart,
Redeemer of my soul.

My heart trembles with the contrast
As I see my Beloved so tortured,
So wounded, so humiliated still.
Centuries, millennia later,
You still hang before us
Giving all before our arrogant eyes,
Suffering still before our apathetic hearts.

Yet within this tortured body
Is the Majesty of the universe.
Behind those tearing eyes
Lies eternal Love.
Seeping from that battered Heart
Is the Blood of Life,
The water of forgiveness.

Adorable, rejected,
Almighty, nailed down, stripped,
All Perfect Love, hated, spit upon,
Mind of the Cosmos, crowned in humiliation.

How can this be?
My heart at once overwhelmed
With Your majesty and grace,
Yet crushed by Your tortured humanity.
You, O Holy One, so pure,
You move my heart to love.
You, most tender of loves,
I crumble under Your gentle graze.

Your Way of contrasts moves my soul
As my heart of joy and pain,
Of awe and heartbreak
Move me past a place
Where anything fits,
Where any sense is found.
You, O Lord of my life,
Are beyond my mind's reason
And beyond my heart's senses
In a place where first is last
And last is first,
Where love is for those who hate
And mercy for those unjust.

You, Beloved, move my heart to tears
While moving my pain to joy.
Crushed is my heart,
Yet leaping up to You!
How do I find an anchor
In such confusion?
I anchor myself to Your Heart,
Most Sacred and most pure,
Who always stays the same.

So Pierced

O My Heart, so pierced by your offenses!
I hang here, My heart close to death,
Tearing within Me in pain, near bursting.
Love, it is Love, that hangs Me here.
My Heart cries out to you.
I feel every time you turn away,
Piercing Me to death,
Casting My Blood aside,
Mocking My Life, My Love,
My mission to draw you close.
You push away from My Heart
Crushing My Heart within Me.

O sweet Love of My Heart,
Can you not see? Can you not feel?
Does not My Love wash over you?
Does it not touch your heart?
In private you say you love Me,
But in the crowd you scorn Me,
You laugh in My face,
You turn from pain and love
That sacrifices all.
O Love of My Heart, can you not see?

Pierced again and again,
I cry for mercy within.
Will you not stop?
And love Me?
I look at the crowd of faces
Both here and in time.
Can there not be a loving face?
Can there not be a loving heart
Moved to Mine?

Close to death,
The pain in My Heart unbearable,
I cannot breathe,
I look to find your face.
Look at My Heart dying for you,
Reaching out to turn your heart to Love!
My inner tears have filled a cavern within Me,
Soon to burst.

Love, I seek love.
Don't turn from Me!
I am pierced to death,
Bursting to love you.
I hear a strange roaring in my ears
As My Body prepares to die.
What is the sound of my death?
My Heart moves deeply with the sound
Of millions of voices crying out.
"Jesus, forgive me!
Please, forgive me!"
Echoes in My Heart.

My Sacred Heart moves
In total compassion and
Bursts with Love,
Overcome by the sound of loving repentance.
Love me, My Heart drips its last drops
Of My Saving Blood.
Take Me into your hearts,
My Precious Ones.
Love Me back to Life
In you.

His Sacred Blood Poems

Heartspring of Precious Blood

O Power of the Most High,
O Ecstatic Communion of Love,
Moving Presence,
Peaceful Joy,
Reaching down to touch human hearts,
Your Love solidifies,
Your Joy embraces;
Your Father's Heart, Your Mother's Love,
So intense, so real
You densify and descend to flesh.
Infinite Sacrificial Love
Solidifies into a physical form
In the Heart of the Son,
The Sacred Temple of God.
God reaches out to man,
His Love takes flesh as His essence
Seeps into a moving form,
His Sacred Blood;
Formed in the womb of the Mother,
The Sacred Temple of surrender,
The Spouse of the Spirit of Love,
The soul most pure,
The Heart most fervent,
Love bursts forth in joyful union
As the Infinity of God
Touches the heart of man
In the center of the
Most Sacred Heart of His Son,
The Divine Heart made flesh.

Taking from the surrender of the Mother,
Joining with the Sacrificial Love of the Father
Of His only Son,
The Spirit weaves a Heart so pure,
So willing to Love,
Sacrifice formed into each fiber.
The Heart of the Sacred One,
Stirred by the Spirit of Love,
Rouses to its first beat.
Linking Divine Love with human love
A Fountain bursts forth
Of the Living Blood of Life,
The Essence of Divine
Blended with the human,
Linking forever
The Father with His children
In the Sacred Heart of the Son.

This Fountain of Divine Love
Imbued with Your human nature,
Pouring out from the Cross,
Bound our union with the Divine,
Broken in Eden then
Reunited by His Blood poured out.

Pour into us, O Lord of Love,
O Sacred Heart of our God
And bring us to deeper union
With You, our Beloved.
Reunite us with Your Heart
Each time You pour out Your Blood
And offer Your Body
Once again on our altars
In Your Blessed Sacrament,
Fountain of Life and Love,
Heartspring of the Eternal.

Precious Drops Of Blood

Precious Drops of Blood,
Incorruptible Love
Of our dearest Savior,
Falling into our lives.
The Blood of sacrifice,
The Blood of painful trials,
The Blood of sweet compassion,
Touching our lives,
With each drop bringing
The burning pain of the Cross
But with it the burning Love
Of Your Sacred Heart.
Love so sweet, so moving,
So filled with the compassion
Of a God who sent His Son
To ransom our hearts;
Who allowed a pain and torture
To reveal His Heart to His people
In the piercing of His Heart.

Open our hearts to You
In our trials, our pain,
That we may find You
Walking the path with us
On that journey to Your Heart.

Your Heart, though pierced for us,
Remains open to every gesture,
Loving or hating,
From us, Your beloved children.
Open our hearts to every gesture from You,
O Beloved Heart of Jesus,
Healer of our hearts,
Savior of our souls,
Heart so precious
You hold and touch in Your embrace
Each heart, ravaged or true,
Leading the prodigal,
Sustaining the true,
To the Banquet of Your Love
For those You are inviting
In the drops of Your Precious Blood
Leading the Way Home.

Conversion to the Way of the Cross

Dance Of Hearts

Trapped behind the prison bars,
I weaken in this exile,
Longing for my King,
Longing for my home,
Longing for Your freedom.
There I languish, crying out.

But You who have heard me
Pining for You
Reach Your hand between the prison bars
Inviting my spirit to break loose in You.
You take my hand
And my soul moves to Yours
In a dance of hearts.
Following every step
In a dance not bound to bars
Or to anything belonging to this exile,
We move through forms
As You show me the joy
Of perfect surrender to Your Sacred Heart,
Of completely yielding to Your dance
As our hearts move, together, as one.

Joy explodes in this dance of souls
As two hearts bound by love
Are surrounded by the fragrance
Of the banquet yet to come.
Rehearsing for the wedding feast,
My heart yields to Your every move
And the prison is like a memory,
Barely experienced,
As Your Sacred Love helps me forget
The bars for a time,
Turning exile into paradise.

As I move to Your every command,
As You intended,
The dance of hearts captures my soul,
Not in prison bars but in the freedom
Of a Savior's Love.

Holy, Lord

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord.
My heart bursts like a geyser,
Overcome with adoring love.
How can I find words to express
How my heart is on fire for You?
There are none.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord.
My body and soul ache to be able
To show You how overwhelming
Is Your Love to me.
How can I find actions to express
How deep, how profound
My love is for You?
There are none.

I will adore You, Lord,
In every thought,
In every breath,
In every word,
In every action,
In the deepest rivers of love that
Move through my heart and soul,
I will lift You up in adoration.
I will speak my unspeakable words
Of love and praise
Until there are words no more.

I will adore Your every Word,
I will adore Your gifts and graces,
I will adore You in everything You are to me
For You, O Lord, are Life and
You, O Lord, are Love.
You, O Lord, speak the words of Eternal Life
And You do not back down from
Your Love, Your teachings,
Your Life given for us, ever.

Holy, Holy, Holy is Your name, O Jesus.
Sanctified and Pure are Your thoughts and words.
Precious and completely life-changing is Your Love,
O Life, O Sacred Heart of my God.

Dear Lord, O Sacred Heart,
When I try to find a way
To express my love for You,
I stretch out my arms so wide
There is no end to them
And I find myself in Your Image,
On Your Cross.
So take me, Lord, into Your Crucifixion
And make me one with Your Heart,
So pierced, yet so pouring out in love still.
O Sacred Heart, I desire it all,
To be whatever You ask of me,
To be nailed to Your Cross with You
If it will move Your Heart with my love for You.

For You are all I desire.
For You alone are Holy, Lord.

The Weight of Your Cross

Let me adore you with my life, I asked,
My heart wanting to bathe You in love
Every moment of every day.
Let me be everything you desire of me, I asked,
My heart wanting to lift the pain
In Your most Sacred Heart.

Will you carry me in your heart? You asked.
My heart wanted this more than anything.
Will you carry My Cross with Me? You asked.
Like Simon, You allowed me to touch
Your Perfect Cross.

The weight crushes my shoulders
As I tremble and struggle with the pain.
Will You show me how, dear Lord?
I cry out as I fall from the weight.
Your eyes look into mine, sharing my struggle.
I know they are asking if I will walk away
Or stay with You.

Where would I go, dear Lord?
You have the Words of Eternal Life.
You have the Heart that is all I desire.
How can I love You as You desire
If I cannot share in Your most intimate Sorrows,
Your deepest pains?
What love would it be
That only loved You if it didn't hurt?
What love would it be
That would not share the depths
Of Your Sacrificial Love?
What love would it be
That would abandon You at the Cross,
Alone in Your love and suffering?
Even those who do not know You
Would do this.

Lord, teach me to love You
In all the ways You've asked
As I adore You in my life,
As I adore You in my pain,
As I adore You in my sorrow.
Lord, You have the Ways of Eternal Life.
As You touch my life with Yours,
My tears glisten in Your Light.
My heart burns in the Fire of Your Love,
My knees humbly bend under the weight
Of Your Perfect Cross
And my love spills forth.

Soft Surrender

Your sweetness falls upon me
And I am powerless to resist
As I crumble to the ground
Beneath the weight of Your Majesty.
There, the temple undone,
I give myself wholly to the Builder.
You take my desire for You
To cement the building in me
Of Your temple of adoration.

Your softness, Your complete surrender,
As You hang on Your Cross,
Touches the deepest part of me.
Your hands, so nailed, so deformed,
Yet so soft, so open, so merciful;
Your Heart, so holy, so peaceful
Amid such sickness and evil,
Stirs the corners of my soul
Where You have hidden
Your most precious gifts;
Your softness, Your tender Love
Pours forth and floods my soul.

Caught in Your arms of Love
While still nailed to Your Cross,
My heart beats for You
Releasing a flood of passion
For Your Sacred Heart,
Opened on the Cross.
And I could be content
Nowhere else
But in You.


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