A Journey to the Heart

This prayer Retreat is designed to give a sense of deeper movement in our Journey into the Heart of our God. You are encouraged to pass through this Journey to the Heart beginning with part one of the "Retreat Series", "Heart of the Child" and choose one or more Prayer Poems while completing that series. Then proceed in order through the series to the last, "The Consecration of the Heart" for a complete movement.

If your time is limited, you may want to choose one series each day so that you get to the last movement within the week. Begin again the next week, picking a different poem from each section, repeating until all the poems and most readings have been experienced.

You may then wish to repeat the Retreat, picking the poems and readings that speak to you the most. It is most important to not rush through the prayers, readings and poems, but to spend ample time in reflection during and between each, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in you.

For a day of recollection, you may wish to spend an hour or so with each series, then allow some break time in between to allow the Spirit to move between each segment and to come to each refreshed. If you try to do too much at once, you may lose some of the impact due to the intensity of the readings and poems.

For a weekend retreat, you may wish to space the series out more, either having worship experiences, especially Praise, between them and/or other activities, or simply allowing yourself to experience more than one poem and reading per series. This would be especially appropriate in the Passion series so that the whole movement of the Passion is experienced. This would also be important, for example, in a Lenten retreat -- in which case, you may wish to adjust the final series (Consecration), depending on the objectives of the retreat.

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