We hold His Sacred Heart in our hands. An enlargement of this painting may be found at the end of the Consecration section.The Sacred Heart Online Prayer Retreat.


Prayer Poems for
Heart of the Child

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A torrent of His limitless
graces and blessings
eternally cascade from
His Heart into the heart
of those who truly love
and honor Him.

Heart of the Child

Begin with the Sign of the Cross, to pray in His Name.

You, O Lord, I see in life. In everything surrounding me that is of You, I see beauty, wholeness, peace, joy and most especially love. Yours is a love that transforms, that reaches into the inner landscape of my soul. There is no mountain high enough or valley low enough that can keep Your Love from reaching me. No matter what I do or where I go, You will always be there, loving me, leading me home. You lead me to the desire of Your Heart, an inner Communion with You in Your Heart. Your desire is for an intimate, profound relationship with me and with each of the hearts and souls, which You created for the purpose of Love. As I sense Your Loving Presence in Life as a child, I awaken to Your Heart and am moved.

Suggested readings: (Pick one or two, alternating) John 1:1-14 and Psalm 139, Matt 12: 25-27 Praise of the Father, Matt. 18:10-14, 19:13-15

Additional Psalms: 63, 66, 96, 100,104, 131

Response: Choose a prayer poem from one of the Heart of the Child's sections. Read slowly in first person.

Reflection: What touches you, stands out, moves you? Silently focus on this word, phrase, feeling, repeating it as desired to increase your focus. As you focus on this, your distracting thoughts will subside as you deepen in your experience of His Heart. Listen for His Words to you in your heart.

Contemplation: When experiencing a sense of the Presence of the Lord in this or any prayer movement when you disengage your thoughts, you are invited to open your heart to Him and let Him lead you to where He wants you.


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