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For You Are My Beloved

O My people,
So hard you try to find Me.
So hard You try to understand Me.
Yet you look past My Divine Heart
That is right before you.
Here I stand before you
So longing for you to see Me
And feel the depth of My love for you.
Yet you search for Me with your minds,
Even love Me in your way.
Yet you look past My open Heart
On fire for you.

My Love is not comfortable.
It does not fit neatly into liturgies,
Or classes, or lives.
My Love shakes the foundation
Of all You are,
For it makes all things new.
It opens your hearts and your lives to Me
And leaves no stone unturned.

Embrace My radical Love
Flaming here before you.
Let Me draw you close, O My people.
Throw yourselves into the Fire of My Love
And be consumed in My Heart
Where you will find your heart's desire
In the passion of My embrace;
For you are My people
And I am your God.

I count every hair on your head,
I catch every tear,
I hear every thought,
I know your heart so intimately.
You cannot hide from My Love.

Yet only you can take Me in,
Opening the doors to your heart.
I am cold, I am alone,
Shivering in the darkness
Of your questioning minds
And your comfortable lives.
Your hearts barely know me,
Only allowing Me into your parlors,
But not in your intimate chambers
Where your life is lived.

I long for you, Beloved!
Can you not feel my desire
For all of you?
Come into My Heart
Where I may consume all you are,
Touching your heart in ways
That will never be touched
By any other.
For you are My Beloved
And I am your God.


Too Small

Please forgive me
That Your thoughts are so beyond mine
That I can hardly comprehend You.
Please forgive me
That Your will is so perfect,
That Your plan is so far-reaching,
Yet my eyes can only see so far
And in my short-sightedness,
I can only see part of You.
Please forgive me
That in Your Perfection
You can see all of me:
You can see all my thoughts,
You can see all my fears;
My heart is no mystery to You,
Nor my cracks
That You have glued together
So often with Your Love.

Lord, You know me
Deeper than I know myself.
Please forgive me
If I frustrate You
With my flounderings,
With my flutterings
Like a bird of the wilderness
Trapped in a human cage.

You have found me
So many times
Searching for You
While You stand within.
Though You know
You are so majestic,
So far beyond me
That my reach falls short,
Still You know my heart, dear Lord,
And You know it is You I love
With all my heart,
Little as that is.

Though my smallness breaks my heart,
For I desire to give You more,
Yet my smallness seems to please You
And my weakness draws Your strength.

As tears fall of disappointment,
Your gentle hands catch every one,
Holding them as jewels;
Your tenderness soothes
The torment of my soul
And Your eyes of kindness
Catch my soul
In Your embrace.
Your greatness catches my smallness
And my smallness adores
All that You are,
Though I am too small
To know.

Nothing Else

Like a dear, treasured friend,
So many times I have invited You in
That You come to my door
Even when I am so easily distracted
By the cares of the world.
But there You are knocking, opening,
Knowing how much my love
Desires Your dear Presence.
The door is open
And like a true friend
You enter in,
You love, You heal, You comfort
Despite my inability to
Be all that You desire.
You love me in my weakness.
You love me in my longing.
You love me where I am
Knowing in Your Most Sacred Heart
That where I want to be is
With You, for You, in You,
Being all that Your Heart desires,
Bringing You the love You long for
Deeply, profoundly, completely.
If I could only be this for You, O Sacred Heart,
I would ask for nothing else.


Little Things of the Heart

Finding beauty in the little things,
The child walks in the protection and love
Of the Father.
Leave to Me the Big Picture, He assures.
You find joy and love
In the little things along the Way.

Every leaf, every flower,
Even a puddle of mud,
A joy to the child.
Every joyful movement,
Every kind word,
Every smile,
A treasure to the child
Who walks in the protection of the Father,
Trusting in Him,
Loving Him.
Knowing He is there
The child can rest on the wings
Of the far-sighted eagle,
Yet live through the close eyes
Of the child.

Teach me to be like You,
The child tugs at the Father's sleeve.
But the Father smiles,
Turning the child's attention back
To the little things of the Heart.

Love and joy come easily
To the heart of the child.
Listening to the beat of the Father's Heart
Comforts the child.
Anticipation comes naturally,
Patience is learned.

Hold me, Father, in Your gentle gaze
As I learn of Your Love
And find joy in the precious little things
You give me from Your Heart.

Your hand in mine turns away fear
And allows my eyes to rest on Your riches
Captured in the small, the quiet, the simple;
Unnoticed by the proud and ambitious,
Yet a blessed joy to the child of the Heart.

Small Heart

Sensing Your Presence
Like a delicate fragrance in the wind,
My soul moves to You
Like leaves in a gentle breeze,
And my heart seeks to find You.

Gathering my movement to Yourself,
You open the well-springs of my heart
That overflow, rising to meet You,
And as my longing pours forth,
So is it consumed
In Your thirsting Heart.

There I am broken
Before Your Majestic Presence,
Crumbled into Your Heart and Your Will
To be consumed as Your bread,
Bread that feeds Your deep hunger for our love.

My heart knows only that it is Yours,
That Your immense Love
Includes a desire for this small heart.
My soul trembles with the knowledge
Of Your need for my smallness
And I give way to your Will,
Your Grace, Your Majesty, Your Love,
As you take this dust of a heart
And breathe into it Your Life,
Creating it for You alone.

Rest in this heart made for You, my Lord.
Consume me in Your Love
That You may have all You desire
Of this small heart that is all Yours.

The Cherished Child

The cherished child
Knows not fear
But rests in the arms of Love,
Content with this simple joy.

The cherished child
Cares not to be as great
As the arms around her
But clings to the love of the Great One,
Content in the sharing,
Content to be bound together in Love,
Desiring not to be great
But to love and be loved greatly.

The cherished child
Delights in the delight of the Loved One;
Needs not to comprehend
The Majesty of the Loved One's mind,
But to love enormously
The Loved One's Sacred Heart.

Rush of Grace

I kneel in Your Eucharistic Presence
Turning my heart to Yours.
My soul reaches to You.
You rush to take my offering
Without hesitation.
Already You have carried it away!
And made it Your own.

The rush of Your Graces
Consumes me in its power.
Like a wind tunnel
There is no resistance to You,
Nor any wish to resist.
I yield to the rushing wind.
Everything I am falls, willingly,
Into Your welcoming heart!
My heart is Yours, O Sacred Heart.
You lavish Your captive like a king!
Joy, peace, a love unspeakable
All pour into my heart
Which already overflows in You.

My soul trembles in the power of Your Love.
My heart is at Your Mercy, my Lord.;
That Mercy that saves me,
That Mercy that teaches me
And bathes me in this Love
Of the most Sacred, most Pure Heart
Of the One who lifts up my soul
From the darkness of the world
Into the Light of Pure Grace.

A Child's Heart

Like the child that I am,
I run to Your Heart again;
Every day, sometimes many times!
I run to You
Wanting to throw my small arms
Around Your big Heart.
Show me again Your Ways,
Lead me again to Your
Sacred Heart that I desire.
Tell me Your stories.
Hold me close to Your Heart
For I am Yours and no others,
But I am just a child to You.

My steps are small
But they want to be bigger!
My words are simple
But they carry my heart.
My needs are few
But they center on You.

Take my hand once again
And lead me where You want me.
Speak Your words and Your stories
In my heart, again and again.
Let me be Your tagalong
Following Your every move,
Sitting at Your feet,
Walking in Your shadowless shadow.

Let me love You with my child's heart
Hoping for a place near You;
Hoping to slip through Your Gate
With the children;
Hoping for not a mansion room
But a little nook somewhere
Near to Your Heart.

The Sparrow

Pecking among the bits of trash
Searching for little treasures
Is a small, humble sparrow
Though challenged to find
A patch of grass or a tree
Among the asphalt and bricks,
This sparrow seems not to mind.
Content, trusting, cheerful,
Focused on simple things,
Delighting in simple joys.

Sparrow, do you dream of the wilderness?
Do you long for another place, another time?
Do you desire more than your meager fare?

God's eye is on the sparrow.
Content are you in His loving care.
Trusting in the little things,
The big things are yours.

Fed by joy, warmed by love,
The sparrow knows the Father's House.
Gracious in His gifts,
The Father knows what is needed
Before it is asked.
His Heart's treasures belong
To the pure of heart.

The path to His Heart is found
Amidst the cast offs
The refuse,
All that is thrown away
Or cast aside.
In the midst of the hard cement
And the cast offs,
The sparrow finds His treasures
And warms his life
In the rays of the Father's Love.

Love So Revealed

Is there a place in the world, I ponder,
Where love is gentle and kind,
Where beauty is in the heart
And is a fountain for joy?

The gentle sparrow intrigues me,
So simple yet so profound.
Pain embraces me,
It's tentacles curling and burrowing
Into all it can reach.
I watch the sparrow
Like a prisoner from behind bars
As I struggle in my shackles.
The sparrow does not weep at pain,
Nor shout for joy,
Yet hopeful he seems
With his quiet way,
Content, concerned only for today.

Love is so bare, so raw,
Unable to hide behind masks,
Revealed in all its tenderness.
You hang there so bare,
Utterly revealed.
My heart aches for You.
Your Heart aches for me.
The lure of Your Heart, so Sacred, so raw,
Catches my heart, unable to escape
The inner chambers of your Heart.
Trade the raw prison of Your Heart
For the shackles of my pain!

Contents revealed,
My heart so easily touched,
So easily hurt,
So easy to walk away from.
Alone in its nakedness
My heart searches for You
To find You are already there,
Revealing all.
Your shocking humanity
Reveals but Your gentle Divinity.
My overwhelming humanity
Reveals but my need for You,
The gentle Divinity that reveals
My humanity
And my need and my desire
For the Heart of my God.

Immersed in the profound simplicity
Of my need for all You are,
I am profoundly humbled
By my love for You,
Hoping Your gentle hands will lift me
To this tender Heart that I adore.

Increase My Heart

Lord, my God,
Increase my heart beyond measure.
Break all boundaries to my heart
That it may hold Your Precious Sacred Heart
Cradled in the arms of love.
When You are ignored by Your own,
Fall into this heart made to love You,
Where You will always be Precious
And treasured beyond words;
Where every moment of every day,
Every thought and every action
Are but to love You more;
Where my love for You
Is an eternal flame in my heart,
My vigil of love to Love.

When You are rejected, humiliated,
Insulted by the minds and hearts
That You created for Your Love,
Multiply my heart by millions.
Let me cover Your Heart with mine
That You will not hear the insults
But will hear only words of love;
That You will feel only the soft touch
Of one to whom Your Heart is so Precious
That to touch this Heart
Is a treasure and ecstasy
Beyond the comprehension
Of a mortal mind and heart.
Here, dear Lord, dear Sacred Heart,
Be treasured always,
Held as closely and as completely as possible
By this heart that loves You.

Quiet Heart

A still Heart
Burns silently within.
Its quiet passion,
Its dynamic stillness
Moves so gently and quietly
Into the listening heart,
Yet hovers ready, encircling
The hard and cold heart:
Its warmth softening,
Its Truth revealing,
Its Love stirring,
A Love so silently enlivening
Resistance is overcome,
Gently surrendering
To a fuller communion
With this gentle Heart of Love,
Lord of Life.

Touch of reckless abandonment,
Softly creeping like a sleeping child's breath,
No walls hold back,
No strings attach
To the silent avalanche of Your Love
Waking from slumber
The hearts made for You,
Stirring in them a desire
For something more.
For You, O Heart of Infinite Treasures,
For You, O Sacred Heart of hearts,
For You, O Firestorm of Love.
You overcome my heart with Your silent calling
Until I give in to Your passionately ceaseless Love,
O Keeper of my heart and soul.

Rest Your Head in Our Hearts

O Lamb of God,
So gentle, so pure,
The Unblemished One,
You, who brought us life,
You, who brought us Hope,
You who brought us Love,
A love so immense
Even the universe and eternity
Cannot contain it.
You ask so little in return.
You, who gave until every precious drop of Blood
Drained from Your Body,
Breathing words of love and mercy until the end,
Have mercy on us!

Most Holy One,
Behind Your gentle eyes lies an
Eternity wrapped within
Your Sacred Heart of Love.
Receive our hearts into Yours!

You, Lord, could have been anything,
But You chose to be Love:
Pure, unblemished,
Unaffected by time and neglect,
Ever-hoping, ever-waiting
For a small return of our love.
Ever knocking at the cold door
Of our hardened hearts,
You whisper through the
Cracks in our hearts.
You weep in the cold,
The wounds in Your hands and feet aching,
Your pierced side seeping still
The precious Blood of Life Eternal,
The water of forgiveness.
But You die on that Cross alone, again,
In a world
That seldom hears You
That seldom sees You,
That turns away from Your precious gift of Yourself.
Forgive us for we know not what we do!

"The foxes have their laires
The birds of the sky have their nests,
But the Son of Man
Has no where to lay His head." (Luke 9:58)

The world of sin and weakness
Could never be home
To a love as pure as Yours.
Lord, we throw open the doors
Of our hardened hearts for You, our Perfect Lord!
Take comfort in our imperfect love
And find in our hearts a place
Washed clean by Your Sacrifice,
Made whole in Your Love,
A place of comfort to lay Your head and heart!
Teach us to love You, O Lord.
Teach us to love You as You desire, O Lord!
May You find Your rest in us,
May we find our rest in You.

Sweep Through My Soul

Your Fire sweeps through my soul
As Your love ignites the kindling in my heart.
Your Words, Your Presence, Your Precious Gifts,
Your intimate walk in my soul,
All gifts, all kindling to ignite Your Fire in me.

You have blessed me with more
Than my heart can bear;
So, like a flammable liquid
Spilling over into life,
So Your graces overflow in me
And become Fire with Your Flame.

You place Your Heartprints in my soul
And watch me run to them with joy!
The joy You give, like a white hot fire,
The closer we get, the more we become
Engulfed in Your Heart Flame
Until all that remains is
One Flame,



Follow My lead, You beckon,
Leaving Your footprints for me.
Place yours in Mine.
They are made for you, You invite.
I slip my bare foot into the print
You have left for me.
Mine is so small in Your soft, perfect one,
Yet feels so comfortable, so real,
It feels like where I belong.

Follow my lead, You call.
I move within Your footprints
Exploring what You call me to be.
I find as I follow,
Your steps are sometimes close
Like baby steps,
Yet are sometimes wide,
Like a giant leap.
I find sometimes those leaps,
And even those baby steps, hurt,
But move me where I wish to be.

Follow my lead, You call.
I look up from the footprints to see
Your Sacred Heart burning with love,
To see Your Heart shedding Blood.
Bring your heart to Mine, You invite.
As I open my heart to You,
Trying to follow Your lead,
My heart presses to Yours,
Soaking Your graces in like a sponge.
The sweet wine of Your Heart,
So Sacred, so Divine,
Mixes with the bitter taste of Sorrow.
My heart pressing to Yours weeps
As the thorns of Your Sacred Heart
Meet my heart.
Yet their piercing
Bears a fullness and a
Sweetness of its own.

Mold my heart to Yours, my Lord,
And let me pierce with Your piercing.
Yet let my heart overflow
With Your gifts and graces
Wrapped in Your sacred, unearthly love.
As I stretch to fit my footsteps to Yours,
Steady me in Your love.
Teach me the ways of Your Heart, O Lord,
So sacred, yet so soft,
So sorrowful, yet so merciful,
So strong, yet so vulnerable,
So uncompromisingly hopeful,
So eternally faithful.

King of Hearts

The gentle King walks in the garden,
Waiting, listening, moving softly in silence.
His castle filled with treasures
Waits upon those He has invited.
His Feast is being prepared,
The fragrance sometimes reaching
Beyond the castle walls,
Stirring those wakeful ones
To a hunger for the feast.
Drawing closer, treading softly,
We catch a glimpse of Him
As He moves quietly
In the garden of our souls.
Desire to touch His Perfect robes
Moves our hearts closer.

To be worthy to walk in the garden
With You, O King,
By the still pools of Your Living Waters,
Adoring Your Presence,
Breathing in Your sanctity,
Burning with the touch of Love
From our Master, our King,
Let us adore You
While we await the Feast You prepare.
Let us nurture the fragrant flowers
Of the seeds You have planted,
Watered by the fountains of our Love for You,
O King of our Hearts.

Sweet Communion

My precious ones,
I am held up before you again,
As I was on the Cross,
Wholly present,
Sacrificing all to you.
I am held before your eyes,
Stripped and humbled,
In the disguise of simple bread,
In the disguise of simple wine.
My Heart spilling forth its contents,
Searches for a human heart to hold them.
Gather Me into your hearts!

As you come to receive Me,
How little you know and feel
My longing for your hearts!
My heart moves with the hope
That someday I will touch yours.
May this be the day?

Come to My Heart in this Bread.
Seek all I have to give.
As you receive me,
My Body breaks into yours.
Blood pours out becoming one
With your blood.
My Sacrifice of dying for you
Is completed within you.
I have given all
And you have taken Me in.
Please love Me now!

Do not let this Wounded Heart
That desires your love,
That has poured out its contents into you,
Be met with cold indifference.
All I am is given to you!
Do you feel Me?
Do you hear Me?
Will you love Me?

All I ask is all you are,
Given over for love
As I have for you.
Sweet Communion awaits
The heart that loves Me.
Break into Me
As I into you
And the embrace of hearts
Will flood your soul
And My Heart will resurrect
In yours.

Heartspring of Precious Blood

O Power of the Most High,
O Ecstatic Communion of Love,
Moving Presence,
Peaceful Joy,
Reaching down to touch human hearts,
Your Love solidifies,
Your Joy embraces;
Your Father's Heart, Your Mother's Love,
So intense, so real
You densify and descend to flesh.
Infinite Sacrificial Love
Solidifies into a physical form
In the Heart of the Son,
The Sacred Temple of God.
God reaches out to man,
His Love takes flesh as His essence
Seeps into a moving form,
His Sacred Blood;
Formed in the womb of the Mother,
The Sacred Temple of surrender,
The Spouse of the Spirit of Love,
The soul most pure,
The Heart most fervent,
Love bursts forth in joyful union
As the Infinity of God
Touches the heart of man
In the center of the
Most Sacred Heart of His Son,
The Divine Heart made flesh.

Taking from the surrender of the Mother,
Joining with the Sacrificial Love of the Father
Of His only Son,
The Spirit weaves a Heart so pure,
So willing to Love,
Sacrifice formed into each fiber.
The Heart of the Sacred One,
Stirred by the Spirit of Love,
Rouses to its first beat.
Linking Divine Love with human love
A Fountain bursts forth
Of the Living Blood of Life,
The Essence of Divine
Blended with the human,
Linking forever
The Father with His children
In the Sacred Heart of the Son.

This Fountain of Divine Love
Imbued with Your human nature,
Pouring out from the Cross,
Bound our union with the Divine,
Broken in Eden then
Reunited by His Blood poured out.

Pour into us, O Lord of Love,
O Sacred Heart of our God
And bring us to deeper union
With You, our Beloved.
Reunite us with Your Heart
Each time You pour out Your Blood
And offer Your Body
Once again on our altars
In Your Blessed Sacrament,
Fountain of Life and Love,
Heartspring of the Eternal.


At the Threshold

Approaching the altar of
Your Sacrificial Love,
I am humbled by my confusion,
Burdened with new wounds.
Will You come to me as I am? I wonder,
Feeling as if I have failed You again.

My eyes and my heart raise
To Your image on Your Cross.
You respond, showing me the Wound in Your side:
It is through this Wound
That My Heart was revealed.
With you also, it is through your wounds
That your heart is revealed.

Standing at the threshold of Your Heart,
I knock.
You have promised
Knock and it shall be opened!
Open Your Sacred Heart to me, dear Lord!
I long for refuge deep within Your Heart.

My Heart is wounded, You speak.
I know, I respond from my wounded heart.
To be in my Heart, all that is in your heart
Must be revealed, You caution.
As You desire, I respond.
It will hurt you deeply, You warn.
But will it not heal me deeply? I reply.

It is Your Heart I desire.
What else will satisfy
This heart made for You?
As Your Wounds, Beloved, purify my heart,
Let the balm of Your Love fill my soul.
Draw me to You and flood my heart.
Nowhere can I hide
As You prepare my heart
For Your Sacred Love.


At The Crossroads

The dust is dry on my feet,
The sweat hot on my brow.
Sitting by the path,
I seek a clearer Way.
Having given navigation over to You,
I wait at the crossroads,
Seeking Your Plan.
Your Presence runs deep here
And every thought I turn to You,
You pour Your Presence anew into my heart.

Only my heart can I offer You
In this dusty place;
Only my soul, my will, my devotion.
I wait patiently,
Adoring You in the dust and confusion.
My heart opens to absorb Your Love,
Catching Your gentle smile.
We sit lost in conversation
Of the Heart
And as the dust clears I see
That You are still here with me,
Still speaking, still listening,
Still loving, still guiding.

The crossroads remain
But are lost to us
For we walk a different path,
A path of the Heart.
You are here in the dust with me
And it is enough.
For our path is not out there,
But here, in the Heart.
And in the Heart, You open You path to me
Leading me to You.


The Next Step

You have drawn me to Your Cross.
You have placed me before Your pain.
You have opened my heart to Your love.
Before me stands my Via Dolorosa
As You beckon me on.
Around me the crowds shout insults,
They laugh, they taunt.
The stones are hot on my bare feet.
The cross so heavy it cuts my flesh.
Do I really need to go there?
My thoughts tempt me.
But I look at You and I know,
For it is Your Sacred Heart I desire
More than comfort.

You come to my side.
The insults pass through Your Heart to mine.
Your eyes fill with tears
As You take my arm and
Hurry me along, keeping me close.
Are You sure I can do this?
I ask in my human heart.
But my heart that is Yours draws closer.

Seeing ahead of me the inevitable wounds,
I am strangely peaceful,
As in the dying, I sense the Life.
The shortcut to Your Heart opens up
Though the rocky path is still to be walked.

I will be with you until the end, You promise
As I struggle to take the next step.
It hurts.
The sharp, hot stones tear at me.
My heart aches from the insults.
I close my eyes,
Lean on Your arm and
Walk into the next step.

You do not promise me
A painless journey.
You do not promise me
More than humiliation.
But You do promise
Your arm of comfort and strength and
Your Sacred Heart of Love through pain.
Each step, a step closer
To the treasures of Your Heart.


Garden of the Soul

Even before my thoughts find You,
Your Heart gathers my heart into
That Secret Garden of the Soul.

As my thoughts follow,
You surround me with
The bouquet of Your gifts,
The treasures of Your Heart,
And joy becomes my companion,
Love the landscape.

This garden, this paradise of the soul,
So near, so ever-present,
Only a turn of the heart away.
Always You are there to embrace
The One who thrives on Your love
Becoming saturated in Your Grace.

My thoughts, our thoughts,
Turn to Your abandoned ones,
Your searching and lost ones,
The ones for whom life seems so cold,
So dark, so confusing.
They find their solace in empty gardens,
In deadening senses,
In stimulating false joy,
Like a wedding without the Groom.

If they but knew the path
To this Garden of the Heart,
To the fragrance of Your Sacred Love,
To the meadows of Your restful peace,
To the sunshine of Your joy,
They could want no other.

Your Joy more sweet,
Your Love more tender,
Your Sacred Heart more comforting
Than anything the world offers.

There is a time for faith
When one must see You without form,
When one must hear You without sound,
When one must love You without thought of return,
When one must sacrifice without reward.

But You lavish so richly
A heart that loves You
That soon blind faith is no longer
For we can see Your face,
Hear Your voice,
Feel Your breath,
Sense Your movement
Everywhere we turn.
You become to us what is real,
The world a passing illusion.

Your garden, dear Heart of our hearts,
Blossoms through the darkest days,
Warms the coldest nights.
Your paradise,
Not a thing of the past
Or a promise of the future,
But in love following upon love,
A fulfillment and presence of
The kingdom today.


In The Breaking

You have filled me with Your Cross,
My Precious Lord,
First nailing me to it
In my desired submission,
Now embracing me to it
In my joyful surrender.
This Cross that weighs heavily,
That pierces deeply,
That calls forth a totality of surrender,
This Cross at once breaks,
Yet stands within,
A strength, a joyful union
With Your most surrendering, yet Majestic,
Act of Love.

This breaking, this yielding,
Releases from death, Life.
In the love of the breaking,
Is released Your Precious Blood,
Alive in me,
Pouring out into Your world,
Your Kingdom of the Heart.
Your Kingdom stirs and moves
With the touch of Your Passionate Love.
Your Precious Blood is released
From Your Broken Ones
Who willingly surrender their pain for Yours.

And we, as water in the wine,
Are absorbed into Your Precious Blood,
Absorbed into Your Sacred Heart
And into Your act of total Love and Salvation.
Here, in the joyful embrace
Of Your agony and Your Cross,
Pain embraces joy,
Agony embraces ecstasy.

As I embrace Your Passion,
As You embrace mine,
My heart cleaves to Yours,
Embracing the purity
Of Your Passionate Love
Released from the open Wound
Of Your Most Sacred Heart. 10-9-2000

The Trial of Light

Silence surrounds You;
Like a deep forest, drinking in scattered sound,
You draw all to Yourself without a word.
Your soft eyes speak only Love,
A love so deep no man comprehends,
Yet every man craves.
Looking into these eyes
One is drawn into eternity
And either wants to stay here
Or turn away.

Silent You stand before Your accusers.
Your Heart pours forth Your Love even then.
Disarmed by Your grace,
Confused by Your love,
They look for the way out
Avoiding Your eyes and
Ignoring Your Heart.
Silent in speech but screaming in Heart,
Every moment You cry out in love
For even those calling for Your death.

Your Heart is so pure, so sacred
That no one can approach its grace
Without calling You King.
King it is, Your awesome offense.
King of Kings, Lord of Lords.
Unable to stand in Your Perfect Presence unconvicted,
We are reminded of our weaknesses;
Our clouded reflection dims, then darkens
Next to Your Perfect Light.

Truth before us,
Love surrounds us,
Grace warms us,
We bow before You,
Captured by Your Love.

But those of dark hearts
Turn away from Your brilliance
As the darkness comprehends not the Light.
So the dark of heart call
For the Light to be extinguished.
Send Him away!
Whip some sense into Him, they cry,
Hoping the anger of injustice
Would dim those eyes of Love.

As Your Body is slashed,
Your Precious Blood released,
They are so shaken by the release
Of Your Redeeming Blood
That they must crown You King with thorns
And make a mockery of the Truth
To hide their trembling hearts.

Still Your Silence,
Still Your eyes, a window
Into Your Sacred Heart.
Confused by the power of Your Truth,
They flex the muscles of worldly power.
Unmoved, You defy the power in dark hearts.

Handing You over to the fear of the people
Assured that ignorance would seal Your fate,
They wash their hands of Your Blood.
Yet it was only Your Precious Blood
That could wash them clean.

We are safe now in our shadows, we think.
As we lift the Cross to Your shoulders
We watch You struggle down the path to death
With our sins on Your back.
The darkness follows, jumping on Your back,
Pounding You down,
Delighting in Your pain.

The darkness You carry, now bound to You,
Dies with Your silent death;
The power of the world is broken
As Your Body breaks,
A sacrifice of Pure Love;
Darkness cannot survive
In the Presence of Pure, Sacrificial Love
But dies as the night with the dawning,
The rising of the Light.

Gathered Into My Heart

Rise from your prostration
And mount to My Cross, Beloved.
Embrace with love
My Heart spread out for you.
As the thorns entwine our love
And hold hearts firmly
In our embrace,
So the world retreats
And we are one.
Hearts in communion,
Immune to death,
As thorns pierce
In a tender touch of love,
Spill forth their contents
And are taken up
In one Heartbeat of Love.

So I take you up
Gathered into My Heart.
Touch so pure,
Pain turned into delight,
Brokenness falls away
As hearts stirred to Life
Weld in Love
A singleness of Heart.

Pour out to Me your love
As I drink it up like wine
At the banquet of Love.
The taste of your love to Me
Is so sweetly intoxicating
My Heart moves, overflowing
In a fountain of Graces.
Your love is My delight.
As the Bridegroom searches out the Bride,
So I search out your love
Waiting to ambush your heart
And take you as My own.

Come, Beloved,
Into the arms that await you
And surrender to Me your heart.
Let Me hold you as My own
Consumed in the eternal Fire
And sweetness of My Love,
Embracing the Sacrifice that binds
In eternal surrender
Our union of Hearts.

Holy Thursday

The Pebble Slope to You

I try so hard to reach You
On this slope on Your mountain.
But it seems, dear Lord,
I am on a slope of tiny pebbles
And the harder I try, the deeper I dig,
The more the pebbles carry me down,
Instead of up, to You.
Sliding backwards with every movement,
I find I am back where I started,
My body too tired to go on,
My limbs ache too much to move.
The dust of the slope in my eyes
Blinds me to Your mountain top.

In my hopelessness
I feel a hand slip into mine.
Through the blindness of dust and tears
I see Your face before mine.
In my heart, broken desiring You,
I find You have not moved.
You are always here.

I am here, in your struggle, You whisper.
Try again, holding tightly to My hand;
Fuse your hand to mine,
Never letting go.
This is why you are here;
You cannot go on without me.
Totally, as one.
I am the only Way.
So do not let go for a moment
Of my hand and Heart
Or the pebbles will bring you down again.

Only Me.
Only My Heart,
Only My hand,
Only My thoughts,
Only My Way,
For you,

Lantern in the Night

I sit by the water's edge
Watching the lapping water
Move through my empty nets.
Some days empty nets seem full
And others full nets seem empty.

I wait by the water's edge
Listening for Your call,
Watching for Your beckon.
My heart is heavy from the weight
Of lost fish and lost fishermen.

Desiring only Your Heart
Only to be with You,
Only to do Your Will,
I am confused by the darkness
And the empty nets.

My heart is weary from the struggle.
It searches for You
Among the seaweed and nets.
Glancing at every person
Who comes my way,
I look for a glimmer of Your Flame
In their eyes.

Your Flame grows silently in my heart.
As You grow brighter,
The world in contrast grows dimmer
As when you leave a brightly lit room,
The darkness outside is so much darker.

I raise my hands against the darkness
And call Your name.
Tear through the darkness
With Your Light!
Take my heart into Your wounded hands
And teach me to love like You
Through the darkness,
Through the pain,
Through the emptiness.
Inflame Your Light in this soul
Made empty for You
And make my emptiness
Your lantern in the night.


I look into your heart
To find you
And it is like an ice storm:
Frigid, hard, unyielding.

I crush beneath the weight
Of your rejection.
I walk among you
Seeking a welcoming heart,
But you turn away
And I am left
Alone in a crowd of billions.

My Heart is so heavy with sorrow,
The pain is so immense;
The tearing flesh from your nails
Holds me where you want me,
At a safe distance;
The thorns pierce so deeply
My head is nearly numb;
I can barely breathe with pain
As my stomach turns,
Unable to endure much more.

My gaze rests
On my precious ones,
Objects of my loving desire,
As I struggle for one last look,
One last chance to be embraced
Before it is finished.
How could I have loved you more?

Take everything, my beloved.
Take my Flesh and eat,
Take my Blood and drink,
For I am yours.
I give you all
And I serve it
In the Chalice of Love,
My Sacred Heart
On fire for you.

Will you embrace all I give
For your love?
Or will you crush me
With your rejection
And leave Me once more
Cold on the Cross?
I await, my Heart aching, dying,
For you.
How can I love you more?

Thorns of The Heart

Tender Heart,
Love most pure,
Surround me.
I am here, alone,
Seeking Your Heart most Sacred
That I adore.
Come to this heart
That cries for Yours!

Your Sacred Crown of Thorns
Surrounds my heart,
Piercing with isolation.
Deeper they dig into my heart
With minds blinded by brilliance
And hearts imprisoned by freedom.

Tears flow
And I am alone
With Your pain
And mine.

You lead me,
Shepherd of my soul,
Through briars that tear,
Before crowds that taunt,
To Your Cross
Where all is given,
Yet all remains,
For love.

Come to me, Beloved Lord.
The pain of these thorns
Overcomes me!
Yet nearer to Your Cross
They bind me.

My heart is bound
By Your deep thorns
Of humiliation;
By love ungiven
And love betrayed;
By minds too brilliant
To see the Light.

My heart is bound tightly
To the Heart of Your Cross,
Unwilling to move
From Your Sacred Heart
Pierced so deeply for Love.

Come to me, Sacred Heart
That I adore.
I surrender to Your Love
That pierces me
To the core.
Come bind this heart
To Your Love forever.

So Easily Moved

Emptied of any confidence
But in You,
I creep softly to Your feet, my Love.
Confusion leads me to tears.
Lost in exile,
I cannot read the signposts.
They are foreign to me.
My heart knows only Yours.
Shieldless, maskless,
Softened by Your touch,
My heart can only find You.

You come so tenderly,
Drawn by my bare heart
And flood of tears.
I beg Your mercy
On my heart so easily moved
By You, Beloved.
So hard I try to be all that You ask.
So much I long to be all that You desire.

Your sweet grace penetrates all I am,
Moving my heart
Like flower petals in the wind,
Like wind ripples on the water,
Like clouds before a storm,
Like the touch of Love
Erupting from its Source.

You, Beloved,
Touch my saddened brow
With the gentle touch of Your thorns;
So tenderly
Do they press into my brow,
As a kiss of love
You leave behind
To remember
The touch of Your Love.

Gentle hands take mine;
A touch of heaven
Moving an earthly heart.
My hands cupped in Yours,
Wound against wound,
Only our eyes can see;
Exile is sweetened
By the touch of home
To my heart.

Drifting on Your sea,
My soul moves with each breath
Of Your Heart.
No shore do I desire
Apart from You.
Hold my heart in Your embrace, Beloved,
And save me from this exile.
Let the abyss of your Heart consume me
And keep me in the sweetness
Of Your sacred, most precious Love.

As They Hated Me

Standing in Your footprints
I am trying so hard
To be as You ask.
I stand in silence facing the accusers.
Injustice, humiliation surround me.
Those who worship the gods of power and money
Hold court.
Reveling in their power,
Delighting in the pain,
They lavish humiliation
As I stand quietly turning to You.

I feel Your Presence in me
As You again face Your accusers.
But You, O Lord, are so perfect,
So gentle, so true.
As I am made small,
You grow in me.
Your perfect meekness,
Your perfect humility,
Your perfect love
All stand quietly in my imperfect soul.

You carry me before Your accusers
And I experience as You
Before the power of the world.
My heart churns with Your pain
As You take me into Your broken Heart.
There You stand, Truth.
There You burn with Love.
There in meekness, You stand
For everything You are,
O Sacred Heart of Love,
Rejected, humiliated,

My heart weeps for Yours
As I see Your Perfect Heart of humility.
They will hate you as they hated Me,
You whisper in my heart.
Come to My Lamb's Heart, You beckon,
And I will give you peace.
Like a lamb You lead me to Your Cross
Where I recognize the stench of execution
Mixed with the incense of Your pure Sacrifice.
Give yourself to Love, You lead.
Nothing between our hearts, You invite.
Embracing the Cross of humiliation,
My heart falls into Yours;
Deeply, quietly, You take me to You,
Bringing Life in You
From my death,
O Sacred Heart of Love,
Master of my soul.


So Pierced

O My Heart, so pierced by your offenses!
I hang here, My heart close to death,
Tearing within Me in pain, near bursting.
Love, it is Love, that hangs Me here.
My Heart cries out to you.
I feel every time you turn away,
Piercing Me to death,
Casting My Blood aside,
Mocking My Life, My Love,
My mission to draw you close.
You push away from My Heart
Crushing My Heart within Me.

O sweet Love of My Heart,
Can you not see? Can you not feel?
Does not My Love wash over you?
Does it not touch your heart?
In private you say you love Me,
But in the crowd you scorn Me,
You laugh in My face,
You turn from pain and love
That sacrifices all.
O Love of My Heart, can you not see?

Pierced again and again,
I cry for mercy within.
Will you not stop?
And love Me?
I look at the crowd of faces
Both here and in time.
Can there not be a loving face?
Can there not be a loving heart
Moved to Mine?

Close to death,
The pain in My Heart unbearable,
I cannot breathe,
I look to find your face.
Look at My Heart dying for you,
Reaching out to turn your heart to Love!
My inner tears have filled a cavern within Me,
Soon to burst.

Love, I seek love.
Don't turn from Me!
I am pierced to death,
Bursting to love you.
I hear a strange roaring in my ears
As My Body prepares to die.
What is the sound of my death?
My Heart moves deeply with the sound
Of millions of voices crying out.
"Jesus, forgive me!
Please, forgive me!"
Echoes in My Heart.

My Sacred Heart moves
In total compassion and
Bursts with Love,
Overcome by the sound of loving repentance.
Love me, My Heart drips its last drops
Of My Saving Blood.
Take Me into your hearts,
My Precious Ones.
Love Me back to Life
In you.

We Are Near

Slapped by the Betrayer's kiss,
Abandoned by Your friends,
Your hands that blessed and healed
Were bound tightly behind Your back.
Thus they pushed and paraded You,
Shamefully, through the streets,
As a criminal, for their pleasure.

Your precious Sacred Heart, most pure,
Was thus exposed to insult and harm,
No protection afforded by bound hands.
How that Heart beat as they abused You,
Pushed and beat You,
A plaything for the arrogant,
Tortured by the prideful.
Your most Precious Heart, my Lord,
So unprotected, so shamed,
So precious, so pure,
So merciful Your Love poured forth still.

You, O Lord, whose very thoughts
Could have dissolved Your chains,
Surrendered to the hands of cold hearts,
Ached to free them from their chains
And embrace them in Your arms of Love.
You, O Precious One, who could have brought
Light to their darkness,
Freedom to their captivity,
And the Fire of Love to their icy hearts,
You surrendered to their worldly power
And broke open Your Heart of Love.

Beaten, betrayed,
Insulted, alone,
Your Sacred Heart open to abuse,
You laid tortured and cold
In a shameful cell
Awaiting the indignity of Your trial.
Who could protect Your Precious Heart?
Who could cushion Your Sacred Head
From the cold stone? Yet colder hearts.
Who could sweetly tend Your Wounds,
O King of our hearts,
Most Precious Lamb,
Unblemished, but by our shameful hands.

Let our hearts surround Yours, dear Lord,
To offer You protection
And afford You consolation
As Your Sacred Heart, still abused
By cold and prideful hearts,
Is adored by our loving hearts,
Surrendered to You,
Bound by love,
Exposed as Yours, for Yours,
To the torturers hand.
Rest, dear Lord, cushioned in our love,
And know that we are near.

The Night Walk

Lost on Your path,
My compass searches for Your Heart.
Led into the wilderness by Your Spirit,
Into uncharted regions of the soul,
I stumble, I fall in the night.
I grope in the darkness for You,
Trusting You are still there.
As I try to brush off the dust
From my recent falls,
I sense Your gaze upon my soul.
Your hands gently wipe the tears
And dirt from my eyes and
Softly taking my bruised hands in Yours,
You tug at me to try again.

Bewildered by the difficulty of the path,
I watch for the break of dawn
So that I may see the way.
But Your hand in mine
Tells me of the Night Walk,
The trusting soul,
That closing eyes to darkness,
Walks only in Your Light;
Then holding on to Your hand,
Enters softly into the
Secret Regions of Your Heart.

Your hand lifts me again.
Closing my eyes,
I hope for a glimpse
Of the Secret Path
Leading to the Eternal City
Of Your Sacred Heart.

Approaching Dawn

The night has been long
With only the twinkle of distant stars
To give hope to an end to the darkness.
Watching, waiting, listening
To the sounds and movements of things unseen,
I sense a Presence in the darkness,
Greater, much greater, than what is seen.

Watching the Morning Star's peaceful vigil
For the return of the Son,
The sky slowly brightens around me.
At first all seems gray.
Yet as the Light approaches,
The mountains seem darker against the Light
And one can see, thought not clearly,
The approach of the dawn.

Listening to the song of the dawn,
Wrapped in the fragrance of things to be,
Colors of the approaching Majesty
Wash across the landscape of my soul.
All ignites an anticipation
And stirs a longing
For that which is too bright to see,
For the Son who brings Light and Life
To our dark souls.

The soft breeze of the Spirit stirs
As I rise toward the dawn,
Reaching, greeting, adoring the soft colors
Of His Majesty and Love
As they deepen in my heart and soul.

Here in the deepening dawn
I will await You,
O Lord of my soul,
As Your Heart colors my sky
And Your gentle approach casts away
The darkness of fear and uncertainty.
I will endure the cold and the darkness
As I await in the dawn
For the full Light of Your face
And the full Fire of Your Heart
To blind my soul
To all but You.


Substance of the Heart

Dear Sweet Jesus,
Arms outstretched on that Cross,
They speak of a love so complete,
It encompasses all the world,
Of all times, in Your Divine Mercy,
Stretched out, nailed down,
Forever frozen in Your gesture of love.
Yet I see in Your arms
A precious open invitation,
A longing for an embrace,
Opening up to us Your Sacred Heart.
Your arms opened wide
Beg for our love.
Silently, in the stillness of Eternity,
You wait, hoping for a return
Of Your Love that gave all.
Your tender Heart,
Your loving arms,
Your hands wounded,
Yet healing still,
All wait, silently begging our love.

Your Eucharistic Presence enlivens our hearts.
Yet are they enlivened for You?
Or enlivened for our own needs?

Your Presence on this altar
Moves me.
The arms of my heart burst forth,
Reaching for You.
Hearts embrace,
Drawn together in Your Spirit of Love.
You are there for as long as I desire.

Hearts mingling,
You fill my soul.
Hearts mingling,
My love desires You completely
And in that longing
Your Heart bleeds into mine.
Precious Blood of a love so tender,
Bleeding not in pain, for once,
But in the sweetness, indescribable,
Of a love so touched, so tender,
Your Heart bleeds forth
It's very contents,
Catching my heart and soul
Forever in the moving substance
Of this Perfect Love.
Caught in this embrace,
In the substance of Your Love,
I am trapped in Your Heart
Like sweet tar.
Unable, unwilling to resist,
My heart forever caught in Yours,
offers no resistance
To Your takeover of my heart.

As Your sweet substance fills my heart,
It is Yours completely, filled,
A reservoir of Your tender Love.
Fill me, sweet Substance of Love,
That we may together
Carry Your Love,
Your Sacred Heart,
Among Your people.


Joy Disguised

In a downpour of graces,
Floods all,
Engulfing all
In the majesty and wonder
Of Your Presence
In all,

Once masked as pain,
Reveals but Joy!
Once masked as grief,
Reveals but Joy!
Once masked as humiliation,
Reveals but Joy!
Joy all!

You, O Lord of disguises,
Reveal Your complete Majesty
In a piece of bread,
A sip of wine.
You, O Lord of disguises,
Hide unrevealed
Beneath the deepest pain,
The power of humiliation.

There You lie
Ready to ambush
With Love and Joy
The one who searches beneath,
Who gives in
To Your disguised arms of Love
And embraces all manner of sorrows
In Your Cross.
There, at the core of their pain,
You wait,
And in their total embrace
Of the Cross, in Your Will,
They find, O Joy!
They are embracing
None other than You!
O Heart of Love!
O Spirit of Joy!

What was dreaded,
Becomes a gift;
What was overwhelming sadness,
Overwhelming Joy,
An inebriation with a God
Who can never be outdone
In extravagances of Love!

His Cross,
Once completely embraced
In the core of our beings,
Once given over
To the death of the world,
Carries hidden
The Power of the Resurrection
Releasing in us
A takeover of His Love,
A Love in which every pain is seen clearly
As a love letter
And each sorrow
As a secret embrace.

You, O Lord,
Have broken the power of the world
In the power of Your Cross
And once revealed,
Transforms forever a vale of tears
Into a Kingdom of Joys
And unrestrained, pure Love.

Your Sacred Heart,
Holding the keys to the Kingdom
In Your Wounds,
Reveals Your pain
Yet reveals Your Joy
Pouring forth
From beneath those Wounds
Flooding a world devoid of Joy,
But in You.

The sweetness and the gentle strength
Of Your Sacred Heart of Love
Resurrects a world dead
Into a Kingdom of Life,
Abundantly wealthy
In the treasures of Your Heart.
The embrace
Of the deepest pain the world can know
Is but a tender embrace of Love
From the Beloved
Who so preciously embraces
The meek and humble of heart
Unto Himself.

Feast of St. Francis

Putty in Your Hands

The path becomes vague.
Mirages turn to sand.
Sand springs forth with Life.
I weary of confusion.
I long for the purity of Your Sacred Heart,
For You, O Lord, are meek and humble of Heart.
All You ask is all You give:
Love so simple it gives all, always.

I try to find my way
Through the maze of this exile,
But I am hopelessly lost without You.
My desires are simple:
To be all You desire.
I cry out from this valley of death.
Take all I am, my Lord,
And make me all You desire!

Putty in Your hands, my longing.
Form me, shape me,
Use me as You desire,
But let the putty feel the hand
And know You are there
In the midst of this wilderness
Shaping and moving my heart to Yours.

Surrounded by Your loving hands,
I release all to You
And soften to the form of Your hands.
You move me where You will,
Delighting in my surrendering
As I delight in the hands of the Master.
Desert or paradise are all the same
If I am in Your loving hands.

Loved Beyond

As I gaze into Your sorrowful face,
Your eyes gently open to my soul.
Your gaze of love that sees all
Penetrates deep into my soul.
How can I resist Your love
When Your gaze, like a tremor,
Liquefies my heart, my soul,
Even my body, helpless under Your gaze.

Locked into Your Crucified eyes,
A window to eternity,
I watch You gently struggle to breathe.
Every movement in Your face,
An act of incomprehensible love,
While still gazing lovingly into my soul,
Stirs a passion in my heart
Unearthly, uncontainable,
A bonfire of love
Lit by your loving eyes.

Locked into this gaze that holds my heart,
I am as in the eye of a storm.
Calm remains as I look up into Your face,
Though surrounded by fiercest winds
That break apart everything not nailed to You.
My heart remains held in Your gaze,
That window to your most Sacred Heart,
And though the world swirls around us,
Raging with fury and confusion,
Your tender hold on my heart
Keeps me safe in you,
Loved beyond my ability to comprehend.


As Your Heart Wills

You draw all of me into Your Heart
From all the places I have scattered myself.
I implode into You, my Savior,
And as You draw me into Yourself
In deepest tenderness;
My soul falls before Your Majesty,
Unable to gaze upon Your splendor,
Unable to move without Your beckon.
Buried in Your Sacred Heart,
Most meek and humble,
I am content, prostrated before Your Love.

But Your hand finds me,
Lifting me up,
Turning my face to Yours
In sweetest tenderness.
Your eyes show Your pleasure
In my smallness,
In the joy I feel in knowing
I am nothing without You.
You are all to me.
I cannot move without You,
I cannot feel without You,
I cannot live without You.

You come to me, most Beloved,
Moving my soul,
Blending me with Your Sacredness,
Inviting me in to Your Holiness.
I am lost in Your Sacred Heart.
Yet in the immensity of this Heart,
I am also deeply found in the
Intimate stirring of Your Love.

Your Love whispers
The vastness of the universe,
Yet in Passion so human, yet so Divine,
A small heart cannot help but fall
Into the eternity of Your tenderness,
Unable to resist,
Unwilling to try.
Unable to take anything back,
I am Yours, my Beloved.
Do with me exactly
As your Heart Wills.


Hearts Surrendered

Beloved, You come
As a ray of Light
Into my soul
That waits for only You.

Your strong hand
Lifts my heart to you
As my heart that anticipates
Your every move
Melts into Your Will,
Surrendering completely
To all You want of me.

Your Spirit breathes upon me
And like long grass in a field,
My soul moves gently and easily
To Your every movement upon me,
Thrilling to every breath, every Word
From Your Heart of Love.

You move so deeply
Into the very core of my soul,
Gathering all to Your Heart,
Making all I am,
Like a faithful spouse,
Responsive to your every move,
Waiting upon Your every Word,
Listening for every breath,
Softening easily
Into Your arms of Love.

Your Voice moves my soul
Like gentle thunder
As You call me to be Yours.
Let go completely
And be all Mine,
You vibrate through
My willing heart.

This is my wedding feast,
I hear You whisper
As your Heart consumes mine
And our mutual hungers
Are filled
In hearts surrendered
To Perfect Love.




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